Silver Plated Christians


1923 silver dollar


The Coinage Act of 1965 was designed to reduce or eliminate the amount of silver in American coins.  Coins minted after this date were composed of a lower percentage of silver or contained none at all.  Therefore, many Americans started hoarding silver dollars in circulation.  Silver dollars that went uncirculated are of a higher grade and of investment quality.

Rolls of coins


Years ago, when silver dollars were really made of silver, there was a simple way to determine if they were genuine or not. All you had to do was throw them down and listen to the sound they made when they hit the ground. If a coin was an imitation, if it was merely silver-plated, though it might have given every appearance of being genuine, it made a dull thud (clank) when it hit the ground.

1922 silver dollar

By contrast the real silver dollar rang true because it was silver, not just on the outside, but all the way through. The imitation may have had real silver on the surface, but it was still worthless. It had to be of the same substance at its core as on its surface, or it was not a silver dollar at all.


Sadly, there are many "silver-plated Christians" in the Church today. There is a layer of real truth on the surface of our lives. We sound very scriptural. However, our actual condition, the true state of our inner man, is revealed, not by how biblically correct we are, but by the sound we make when we hit the ground .


What happens when we are thrown down, that is, when we are thrust into an unexpected situation, adversity, or temptation?  How do we respond when there is no time to compose a religious phrase or face?  Does our life ring true at home, or at work, or when we are alone and no one sees or hears?  What are our inward thoughts when we are free to think what we will?
Are we silver through and through or only on the surface?


In the Psalms David expressed his own realization about
 truth as God reckons it.
"You desire truth in the innermost parts"
Psalm 51:6
Help us, Lord, to ring true and not be a clanker!

In His Love bj
The Morgan Mint
Art Katz: Spirit of Truth

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