Star of David?
Star of David

The Star of David is today found in all synagogues and is on the flag of Israel, a symbol of the restored national Jewish homeland.

However, there are many Christians today who believe that the Star of David is an occult symbol and therefore not kosher/proper or correct. (I was taught this, so I did some searching! Remember, the Bereans (Acts the Scriptures. . .if these things be so!  Find out for yourself!)

There are various theories about the origin of the Star of David *.   Most theories ascribe Gentle/non-Jewish origins to it.

Note ...I'm trying to help cross some barriers that might have hindered your understanding of the Jewishness of our 'Apostolic/Christian roots.'  Some barriers have been placed there by well meaning but uninformed/ignorant teachings! Let us always have a teachable spirit because, if you stop learning, you stop growing! If that happens...someone said,  "History repeats itself because nobody listens."

Let me begin by pointing out that the English word “star,” in Star of David, is not the correct translation of the Hebrew. The Hebrew word is "Magen David" which means “the shield of David,” not “the star of David.”  It is called the shield of David because Jewish tradition holds that David wore this particular insignia on his shield.
There is no biblical or historical authenticity to that legend however.
(Note...This is my understanding of how the Jewish tradition came into play.)
 In the modem Hebrew aleph-bet (alphabet), the ' d' sound is represented by the dalet, which looks like a backward ‘r' . But in the ancient Hebrew alphabet, the dalet looked like a triangle [A]. The Star of David (also called the Shield of David) was made up of these two triangular dalets .*
(*Note: I went to the modern and the ancient Hebrew alphabet...
and this is what the letter 'd'/dalet' looked like in both!
I suppose you could stretch this out and get two triangles laid over each other and get what would look like a 'shield.'  You be the judge.)

Two triangles coming together to make a star of David
  Now back to the the tradition came to play! 

 When the pagan nations went to war, they many times painted fearsome dragons, snakes, or other disgusting creatures on the shields of the soldiers.

dragon picture
The Israelites chose instead to use the Shield/Star of David - the two dalets which contained the first and last letters of King David's name.
star of David
  King David had a well-deserved reputation as a great man of war,
and the mere thought of him
(and the Israelites who fought with him) could strike fear into the hearts of Israel's enemies.  It was an excellent and effective symbol for warfare.   It was not used as a religious symbol by the Jews until several
hundred years later .
 Let us not forget " The Yellow Star of David "...
 the Holocaust Badges!
Star of David with "Jude" written in it
A yellow Star of David was outlined in black. The German word for "Jew" was written in Hebraic style.
The German government's policy of forcing Jews to wear badges and then confining all who wore them to ghettos was a tactic aimed at isolating the Jews from the rest of the population.  It enabled the German government to identify, concentrate, deprive, starve, and ultimately murder the Jews of Europe under its control.  In 1942 Helmut Knochen, the German government's chief of the Security Service and the Security Police for occupied France and Belgium, stated that the yellow badge was "another step on the road to the Final Solution."
This policy was a part of what the Germans euphemistically called the "Special Treatment" of the Jews. Under this "Special Treatment," the Jews also endured:

1) A consistent propaganda campaign labeling them as the embodiment of evil and the misfortune of German society.

2) The revoking of all their rights of citizenship.

3) The confiscation of their property and businesses.

4) Their removal from jobs, schools, professions, and all social and professional intercourse with the rest of society.

These measures culminated in the Final Solution:

1) Mass murder in various localities under German control.

2) Deportation of all remaining Jews to concentration and death camps.

3) Death in gas chambers built especially for the Jews.

The Shield of David is universally known and recognized as a Jewish symbol, in much the same way that the Cross symbolizes Christianity and the Crescent Islam. It is maintained on the national flag and is widely used in Jewish religious and secular life.
Israeli flag
 The earliest known usage of the Star of David is in a second century synagogue in Capernaum but, even then, it was one of many symbols there and not particularly unique. In fact, it became a common Jewish symbol for Jewish identity and nationality only in the Middle Ages and not before. People have come up with various interpretations as to the Star of David, but these are all theories applied to the symbol and have nothing to do with its actual origin. Therefore, we can say nothing more than to say that it became a common symbol of Jewish nationality in the Middle Ages and continues to be so to this day.
Dove representing Holy Spirit
Sha'aloo shalom Yerushalayim
Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem!
Psalm 122:6

In His service, bj

Written by Billye Jeane Mercer

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