Out of This World Faith

(PART 1)
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May 2006 began the biggest adventure of my life.  Things that God had been teaching me and speaking to me seemed to be leading up to something most excellent.

I kept track and wrote it out step by step so everyone could follow the progress of what I thought was a miracle in the making.  I know that I am never the only one that God is leading through certain things.  That is the main purpose of the Clarion Call.  It is to share my experiences so other members of the Body of Christ can learn more about what God would have them be doing.

 If I make mistakes then seeing them can help someone else to avoid the same mistakes.  Seeing a failure that can be corrected also can be helpful.

If you end up having to stretch your faith to the breaking point then maybe seeing the things that I went through will give you encouragement and some direction.  I still believe that God wanted Bug, my cat, to be healed, but something went wrong.

God has been using me over the years to reach out to people who are "in the wilderness" and to let them known that they are not crazy.  God speaks to us today and wants to use us to bring others closer to Him.  I've shared my spiritual experiences with everyone.  I've tried to allow God to use me in any way He saw fit.

As the adventure unfolded I believed that God was using me to demonstrate how He wanted to use us and the gifts, talents, and faith He has given us.  I believed the miracle of life would give hope to people who had lost their faith in God.  I believed it would wake people up who did not believe in God.  It certainly would have created a stir in the Kingdom of God.  It would have been a small stir, the size of a cat, but a stir nonetheless.

If you haven't read the story about my cat Reeboks and my speaking life into him then you probably should read it so you can understand this portion of my faith journey.  You can read about it here.

Let me make a suggestion, however.  If you do not believe in miracles, if you do not believe the gifts are for today, or if you have limited faith you may be somewhat disturbed by what you read.  Perhaps you should wait to read it until you are in the right frame of mind.

Out of This World Faith
Part 1

Part 1:  How It All Happened
Part 2:  The Entire Story
Part 3:  The Conclusions, What Happened?



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