My Prayer Closet

It may sound funny for someone to let a stranger into their prayer closet. Let me explain. It is my desire that you develop an intimate relationship with the Lord.

It took me an unnecessarily long time to develop the relationship with the Lord that I now have. Through lack of understanding and knowledge I got stuck in a prayer rut.

 If I can help you get closer to God, the One that loves you more can be put into words, then it was worth letting you join me here in the "closet."

These studies are designed with many different fonts
 If you want to view them the way they were designed go download the following fonts here:
Kelt, Lucida Calligraphy, Calligrapher

Learning to Hear God's Voice
Making prayers more effective (start here)
1. Making Prayers More Effective (Start here)
Learning how to listen to God
2. Learning How to Listen to God
God has been teaching me
3. God Has Been Teaching Me
Going through the process of dying to self
4. Going through the Process of Dying-to-Self
Oh my gosh, I'm a prophet!
5. Oh My Gosh, I'm a Prophet!
Growing in the Lord
6. Growing in the Lord



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