Coast National Insurance Company
A Division of Bristol West
Updated 9/22/08 This insurance company has showed us they can be untrustworthy, untruthful, hard-hearted, unethical, and just plain bad!   The things listed here are factual. This is a way for you to find out about a company before you buy car insurance from them.  At least, I hope you haven't bought it yet.  If you have, then you need to decide if it is worth keeping. This world is full of greedy people and greedy places of business.  It must be all about the money because it isn't about the people.  How sad. 


 If you have insurance through Coast National--BEWARE!  As with most insurance companies things are probably fine as long as you don't get into an accident.  That is when the quality of customer service becomes most evident. Here I will detail the long, slow, painful process my son endured due to being rear-ended by a customer of Coast National Insurance.
My son was stopped in traffic at a red light on 8/23/04 and was rear-ended.
His car was pushed across oncoming traffic and 100' out into a field.
A bone in his left hand was broken.
The rear of his 1969 VW Bug/Beetle was crushed.
(The engine on a VW Bug is in the rear.)
Here's how my son, the victim, was treated by Coast National Insurance Company.



An appraiser showed up right away.  My son and I watched him walk around the car and write up a report.  My son asked him if he wanted copies of the receipts for upgrades/repairs to the car.  He wouldn't take them.  He said the claims adjuster would request them.  Too bad we didn't force him to show us what he was writing down, but we didn't know about that insurance company yet.

A week after the accident my son received a check for his car.  The adjuster had not called to discuss the settlement.  They had totaled the car.  The check was way too low. 

My son had just put $500 worth of tires on the car that still had full tread on them and there was no adjustment made for them.  We had watched the appraiser examine the car and he did not measure the tread on the tires although his report said he had.  They were brand-spankin' new low-profile tires! 

They also subtracted $800 saying my son's car had 100,000 more miles on it that the odometer showed.  (That year of VW Bug reflects only five digits on the odometer.)  They were making the assumption that my son's car had 100,000 more miles on it that the VW's they used for comparison with no evidence that was so!  In other words, they were using the five digit odometer readings from the comp cars and adding 100,000 to the five digits on my son's car.

When my son called them he also pointed out that he had receipts for upgrades.  The adjuster, Laurie Pudlik, got upset and told him that he should have told the appraiser, which HE DID!

He complained that they used two car  comparisons, only one of which was in our state.  The other was 1,313 miles from our house!  The car values in Southern California, where we live, and Missouri, where one of the comps was, are not comparable!

The appraiser lied about measuring the tread on the tires, leakage he said was coming from the car (there wasn't a drop on the ground or anywhere on the car), broken windows that weren't broken, torn carpet-even below the gas pedal the carpet was not worn and there wasn't a tear in it, and more.  My son wrote a letter detailing all that information to tell the adjuster that his car was more valuable than their appraiser had determined.

Her response was that her company would "stand behind his [the adjuster's] determination of the Beetle's condition."  She also said that, in order to prove the car was worth more, my son would have to submit a similar market evaluation for their consideration since they didn't accept the 16 local VW cars he had found for sale at, the online auto trader that the Los Angeles Times uses. 

My son wrote to the company that Coast National used for their comps (CCC Information Services) to find out how to come up with a similar market evaluation.  CCC did not reply.  How can a regular person find out how to do comparisons other than local publications and local vehicles for sale?

Ms. Pudlik wanted documentation that my son had less miles than the comp cars!  What kind of documentation is there other than the odometer reading?  She also wanted my son to mail her his broken sunglasses, the only non-car related claim he had.  So, she was calling him a liar!  By the way, every single time my son called Laurie she never once answered her phone.  It always went to voice mail.  Sometimes she didn't get back to him for days.  One time she didn't call him back at all.  A week after the unreturned call my son called the man who rear-ended him and asked him to make her call my son.  He did and she finally did call my son.

My son sent her his receipts for the tow (How did they think he got it home?  Why didn't the adjuster ask first if there was a tow bill?), his tires, and some other upgrades he had done to the car.  He told her, in writing, to not send him any more money for his car until she called him first to discuss it. 

He had a mechanic come to our house and write out an evaluation of his car.  The mechanic refuted all the things that the appraiser had listed as being wrong with the car.  We video taped the mechanic appraising the car and showed him measuring the tread on the tires, looking at the odometer, and more.

The adjuster sent another check without calling my son.  She sent an additional comparable car value in her response for a car in Florida!!  Florida!!  A whole 2,097 miles away from where we live!! In that check she gave him $67 toward his brand new, $500 tires, an 87% depreciation! 

She did not pay for the mechanic's visit nor my son's sunglasses. My son still kept complaining that they weren't being fair in deducting for additional mileage.  How can you make assumptions that one car has gone more miles than another when there is no proof?  You can't.  Perhaps Laurie wasn't smart enough to think it through.  She said in her letter to my son, "Since your vehicle is over thirty years old, it seems more than possible that the vehicle did have 187,740 miles at the time of the accident."  Then, on the other hand, perhaps my son and I are not clear on the concept that 1969 VW's in Missouri and in Florida are not over 30 years old and 1969 VW's in Southern California are over 30 years old.  Is there a time warp somewhere between here and there?

FINALLY, over two months after the accident, a new appraiser came to look at my son's car which was still sitting in the street in front of our house.  A new adjuster, Rosemarie Ambrozic, was also assigned.  The appraiser that came out agreed that the original report by the first appraiser was not correct.  He also agreed that it was wrong to use comp cars that weren't located nearby.  He also agreed that the mileage should not be a factor in the settlement... just like my son had been saying!

In the meantime, my son had conversations with the new claims adjuster, Rosemarie.  Each time he spoke with her she acted like she had never spoken to him before.  He could hear her shuffling  papers while she asked him the same questions, over and over. 

My son got frustrated with never getting anywhere with her so he told her that he wanted the name of her supervisor or the name of the president of the company.  She wouldn't give him the name of the president and she said they had no supervisors.  (If a company has NO supervisiors.. does that mean they are ALL presidents?)

So, she continued to ignore his requests for a name of someone else.  He finally said, "The only words I want to hear come out of your mouth are either the name of a supervisor or the name of the president of your company."  He listened to what she began to say and I heard him say, "Sir.... I.... uh.... WHAT KIND OF NAME IS THAT?"  When he said that she HUNG UP ON HIM!

I worked in insurance agents' offices for many years.  Most of the people that called there were upset about something.  In all those years I NEVER hung up on a customer!  It was my job to conduct business in a calm and adult fashion.  There is no excuse for a professional claims adjuster to ever hang up on anyone!  (As I am reading some reviews people have written about Coast National I see where other adjusters there also hang up on people.)

To make a long story short, my son contacted the California Department of Insurance, Claims Division, and the gentleman there sent a letter to Coast National.  At the same time my son sent a letter to the CEO of Coast National with a list of his difficulties, both property damage and bodily injury.  (The bodily injury portion was going on at the same time and is detailed after this section.)

My son got a phone call from the regional vice president of Coast National, Steve Tarleton, in February... over five months after the accident.  Steve was told by the CEO to call my son.  He arranged for my son to receive the $800 for the mileage difference.  In the meantime, my son got a letter from someone, Dana Chase, (not a supervisor since they have no supervisors) in response to the letter that was sent to them by the Department of Insurance.  She sent my son the money for his broken sunglasses.  Funny, Laurie had told him he'd have to mail them in and he didn't.

Dana Chase's letter showed she didn't know what had transpired.  It was full of misinformation.  Either she didn't read the file carefully or the file was full of lies and wrong information.  She said she was reviewing what had transpired, but she was wrong on 95% of the issues. Anyway, my son finally received just compensation for his car "only" SIX MONTHS after the accident!  The really stupid thing is that, had the original appraiser done his job, Coast National could have saved themselves some money because the car wouldn't have been totaled!  DUH!



My son had no medical insurance of his own.  He had not qualified for health insurance at his place of employment as he hadn't worked there long enough.  So, the only medical insurance that covered his injury was the Bodily Injury Liability on the Coast National policy carried by the man who rear-ended him.

My son went to the Regional Medical Center and received a soft cast on his broken left hand.  They told him to come back in a week and see the orthopedist who was booked up until then.  My son went to his work the day after the accident.  They tried to give him work driving a truck, but a one-handed driver is unsafe.  They had no light duty work for him.  He is a plumber.  A plumber cannot do his job with one hand or with a weak hand.  So, his employer sent him home and told him to come back when his hand was completely healed.

Exactly a week after the accident my son received a hard cast.  In the meantime he received a letter from the claims adjuster who sent a Wage Authorization Form and a Medical Authorization Form.  These were in order for them to "expedite the handling of this claim." My son signed them and returned them (well, he had to wait for another wage authorization form from them because it was missing out of the first letter it was supposed to be in). 

A little over a month from the accident he went back to the medical center to have his cast removed.  They didn't want to remove it because the medical bills from his first two visits had not been paid.  He talked them into removing the cast.  They told him he needed to go to rehab.  Rehab wouldn't treat him until his bills got paid. 

My son had been in verbal contact with Laurie Pudlik, the original claims adjuster the day of the accident.  She knew he was seeking medical treatment.  She knew that he was expecting Coast National to pay the medical bills.  She never said they wouldn't pay the bills.

I have had experience with both insurance companies and victims of car accidents.  I worked in the insurance business for many years.  I personally know a claims adjuster who knows the laws.  I helped both of my other sons with bodily injury claims because they were in accidents.  The other insurance companies, once they acknowledge that their insured is the cause of the injuries, pay the medical bills.  They even contact the doctor's office and had them send the bills directly to them so the injured party didn't have to mess with them!

I'm going to pause here with a big "PRAISE GOD!  All three of my sons were in accidents where their cars were totalled (one was in three separate accidents) that were not their fault.  They were all injured, but only slightly.  GOD PROTECTED THEM!  Glory halleluiah and praise His HOLY name!!

OK, back to the horror story.  Other insurance companies pay medical bills of the people that their insured has hurt.  Once they determine that their insured is at fault then they pay the bills.

My son, all the while assuming Coast National was going to pay the medical bills, just figured that Laurie just hadn't processed the medical bill payment since the medical authorization forms had only been sent to her two weeks prior to that.   He was still was under the assumption that the medical bills would be paid so he could get rehabbed since NOBODY told him otherwise. In the meantime he was fighting for a proper settlement for his car. 

The only thing Laurie told him was that he would receive one check for his claim against them which he figured was for his lost wages and other medically related things such as mileage but not the actual medical bills.  She knew he was expecting the medical bills to be paid directly by them because he had told her about them.  She didn't tell him that wouldn't.  He kept telling her that he wanted a second opinion and needed rehab and couldn't get them until they paid the bills.

When Rosemarie Ambrozic was assigned as the new adjuster my son was hopeful that everything would be straightened out.  He sent her a long letter about the problems he was having getting the proper settlement on his car.  He also told her he was unable to go back to work because the medical bills weren't being paid.  He also told her verbally when she called him. 

 In his letter he sent more copies of all the medical bills as well as all other documentation for things for which they hadn't reimbursed him. Then, after telling her all about his injury in a phone conversation, my son got a letter from Rosemarie asking him about his injuries. 

She wanted:  a diagnosis (wow!  my son is a doctor!), estimated date of release from treatment, copies of medical bills (which they already had), and his current status of injuries.  The letter started out by saying, "This letter serves as a status on this claim."  She never gave him any status on his claim, she wanted a status on his injury which was the same as it was two days prior when he spoke with her on the phone.

She also wanted to know why, if he was right-handed, a broken left hand would stop him from doing his job as a plumber!  Good grief!  With the cast on his hand he couldn't even grip the steering wheel to get to a job location!  With minimal strength in his hand after the cast came off he couldn't grip what needed to be gripped.  He still thought his hand was broken!  (So did the physical therapist when my son finally was able to afford to visit one.)

So, he sent her another letter with as much information as he could muster.  He told her again that he needed to be rehabbed and would like a second opinion as the clicking noise that the doctor had told him was the broken bone, was still clicking.

Again, she didn't tell him his medical bills wouldn't be paid.  What she did tell him was that they weren't responsible for paying his medical bills.  WHAT???  That's what bodily injury liability pays for.... injuries sustained in an accident for which you are liable!  She told him that they would "comp" him for his medical bills!  So, she was saying they were going to do him a favor and pay the medical bills?  Oh my my my!

In the meantime my son contacted the California Department of Insurance, Claims Division, (as mentioned in the property damage section above) and sent a letter to the CEO of Coast National.  Steve Tarleton, the regional V.P., who was told to call my son by the CEO, was only authorized to help with the property damage portion.  So, the guy at the Department of Insurance told my son to send a demand letter to Coast National with another set of medical bills and other expenditures demanding they pay them within fifteen days.  It didn't work.  It was then four months after the accident.

Keep in mind, my son wanted to go back to work.  He was going through mental ups and downs because all he could do was wait for the medical bills to be paid.  We didn't have enough money to pay them.  He had begged and he had demanded and nothing had happened.  He had already been told by Rosemarie that the bills would be paid.  She had told him that he would have money to buy Christmas presents.  The fifteen day demand letter went out on December 30, 2004.  My son had NOT received any money like she had told him!  Lies lies LIES!

Then, on January 18, 2005 Rosemarie told my son she would pay the medical bills that same day.  That was the day she had hung up on him (see the property damage story for the details on that).  Before she had hung up she told him that she couldn't pay the medical bills because she hadn't received the medical records from the medical center yet (four months later). 

Then, she called him back and said she would pay them that day.  So, they can't pay them AND then they can pay them?  Which one is it?

She didn't pay them that day.  It wasn't until my son spoke with the regional vice president on 2/4/05 that he was FINALLY told they were NOT going to pay the medical bills.  The V.P. told my son that they would only pay my son one check which would include the amounts owed to any doctors.  (Funny, when they finally did give him a check for bodily injury, it included property damage items they hadn't paid yet.) So I cashed in my life insurance policy to pay for my son's medical bills and to enable him to go to physical therapy. 

My son had not been told for five months that his bills would not be paid.  Every day that went by he had been anticipating that the bills would be paid so he could get physical therapy and get on with his life.  The adjusters knew that, too, and never told him he was waiting in vain!

He got released from physical therapy on February 28, 2005.  Had Coast National paid his medical bills when they were due my son could have begun his physical therapy the end of September.  He probably would have been done and back to work by the middle of October!  Instead, my son sat around waiting and waiting and waiting, thinking they were going to pay them.  They led him to believe that they would so he waited.


 When he was ready to settle they tried to tell him: that he had already had a cast on his hand from a previous accident at the time of this accident!  WHAT?  That's crazy!  He wasn't in a previous accident and never had hurt his left hand before August, when he got rear-ended! 

Rosemarie, the adjuster, had called my son's employer in March and had him pull employment records from the month before the accident.  So, the employer, thinking she would only have him pull records for the time of the accident saw my son had taken two days off the month before and he assumed that was the date of the accident.  Rosemarie then jumped on what he said and is now saying my son was in another accident the month before and broke his hand in it!  Holy moley!  Trickery!

 Do you think that the doctor who treated my son the day of the accident would have noticed a cast already on my son's hand?  I wonder if he wrapped the soft cast over the imaginary "old cast".  Do you think the x-rays would have shown a previous break?  Do you think?!?  Good grief!


 Ms. Rosemarie also told him:
it didn't matter that my son's boss told them there was no work for a man with one bad hand.  She said  the only thing that matters is what the doctor said.  If the doctor says go back to work, then you go back to work even if your boss says GO HOME.

As a matter of fact, my son DID try to go back to work the day after the accident!  He drove for them for four days wearing his soft cast.  Then, when he got his hard cast he couldn't even drive so they sent him home.

My son was not asking for one single penny more than he is owed.  He was on his way to work when he was rear-ended.  My son is the VICTIM in this whole thing!  He was treated like he was a criminal! They were fighting having to pay his loss of wages.  They offered him 9% of his lost earnings!  NINE PERCENT!  Had they paid his medical bills in the first place he would have probably only been off of work 11 weeks instead of 27!  So, how does it become my son's fault?  Oh, yes, that's right.  They "aren't responsible for paying his medical bills".  Well, that's what they said.  Maybe my son should have said, "Oh, silly me.  I'm sorry for bothering you.  Never mind."  Do you think???


 My son  requested not to have to deal with Rosemarie, his adjuster, any more.  Another woman there, Dana Chase, told him that he had to deal with Rosemarie even though she had sent him a letter addressed to "Miss" instead of "Mr." and spelled my son's last name wrong.  She had spoken to him on the phone many times and knew he was a man. 

Like I said before, it is as if she has never opened his file each time he had dealings with her.  She couldn't even remember if he was a man or a woman! Over and over he had had to tell her what date the accident happened.  Over and over he had to tell her what was wrong with his hand.  Over and over he had to tell her how much the medical bills were and what they were for. 

She even tried to tell him she didn't have medical records that my son sent her twice (once by certified/return receipt mail) and that she had already reviewed with him at least three times on the phone!  On more than one occasion she told him she was paying his medical bills which was a total out-and-out lie.


My son sent in a settlement demand asking for actual expenses incurred.  Those expenses included:  mileage to and from doctors, mileage to and from the various places he had to go to prove the value of his car, the cost of all envelopes, the cost of copies (after the first couple of letters he began sending copies to the insured, to the CEO of Coast National, to the Dept. of Insurance, and wherever else he thought might help), the cost of all postage, any long distance phone calls, and any other miscellaneous expenses no matter how small.  They were broken down into property damage and bodily injury expenses.
(Here's a sample chart)
The mileage was determined on medical mileage as allowed by the IRS.

All of a sudden, Dana let my son know that Rosemarie no longer worked for them and she was his new claims adjuster, the third one he had in nine months!

Dana sent him a settlement offer that ignored portions that he sent in for reimbursement:
$500.00 in medical bills
$107.00 in mileage expenses
$167.00 in still unpaid property damage expenses
$60.00 in postage, copies, etc. Worst of all, she only offered him six weeks of loss of earnings based on a note she found in his medical records instead of the almost 19 weeks they forced him to stay off of work.


 As was expected, they fought against what he wanted.  Like I said, he only requested actual expenses incurred. They only wanted to pay him two weeks of disability based on a statement in the file by the doctor who removed his cast.  It did say disabled times two weeks, but it was intended to indicate "come back in two weeks so your injury can be re-evaluated". 

Since Coast National didn't pay my son's medical bills the medical center refused to see him any more so he couldn't get seen in two weeks. So, I asked our family doctor for help.  He was the one who had referred my son to the physical therapist.  I typed a letter covering all the points that we thought Coast National might fight against. 

Praise the Lord, the adjuster accepted the letter and paid what my son was asking... only 49 weeks after the accident!  (In case it will help you I have a copy of the letter.)

What is so stupid is that they had to pay more money to my son because they paid for all the time he was off work when he could have been rehabbed and done.  They also paid more for his car because they refused to believe my son when he said their appraiser was wrong. My son hung in there and continued to harass them with the facts.  He would have preferred to get back to work a long time ago, but refused to settle for a mere speck of what they were actually responsible for.


 In all fairness I must tell you that my son did something wrong before the accident. He let his own car insurance lapse. He was between jobs and the new job hadn't panned out and my son ran out of money. He had not been at the plumbing job long enough to get his bills caught up. In the state of California, if you don't have car insurance on your car then you are not eligible to receive any more than your actual expenses when you are injured by someone in a collision based on proposition 213.

So, that's why he had to fight tooth and nail for his actual expenses. If he had gotten a lawyer (had a lawyer been interested in a case that had only a small settlement) my son would have had to share the settlement with the lawyer, and that wouldn't have been much.  He was not eligible for any pain, suffering, or any other extra thing he would have normally been entitled to.


 What it seems is that Coast National Insurance tries to starve people into settling for less.  If my son had a family that depended on him for financial support they would have been thrown out of their home for not paying the rent, forced to declare bankruptcy (if they were still alive), and/or starved to death!

Why?  Why is it that companies like this one get away with this sort of thing?  How is it possible that they are still free to torture people? If you know of things they have done wrong then file complaints!  Let's all get together and see if we can get them the punishment they deserve!  I've done research and come up with some information which I've listed below.  If you have more information please let me know and I'll add it.


 It has been suggested that we start our own list of complaints.  So, if you want to list a complaint against them go here.


OK, anyone want to join this guy:

Tony K (09/15/2008)
My PARKED car was totaled by a driver who has Coast National - part of Bristol.
I won in small claims court and they will not pay.
I am interested in finding as many people as possible to join me in a class action lawsuit.
If you are interested in joining me - email me at


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Funny.  It starts out reminding the employees that their reputation is a reflection of the conduct of their employees.  So, they admit that they have a bad reputation if they allow the employees to hang up on people and call them liars. Here's a job review site showing how the employees are treated by Coast National.  No wonder they are rude and don't do a good job.  They are miserable people in a miserable environment!


Are You a Victim, Too?
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Suggestions:  Document all phone calls and conversations.  Write down names, dates, and times.  Keep track of everything.  Record them when they promise you something (tell them you are recording them on the tape) or have someone listen in on the conversation.  Get as much in writing as you can and write letters to them to document your side.

If you ever take them to court you will need documentation!

Filing a Complaint In Your State
California Department of Insurance
This is the page where you file a claim if you live in the state of California.
Help in Finding Your State's Department of Insurance
If it isn't in this list: go to a search engine (Google, Dogpile, etc.) and type:
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Better Business Bureau Links
Coast National in Anaheim, CA
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Company Report for Coast National
They got an "F"!
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They are a member of the BBB
Filing a Complaint in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties
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  Web Sites That May Help
Note:  I haven't checked all the "free advice" sites. 
Some may not be telling the truth about the "free" part.
Fight Bad Faith Insurance Companies Lots of resources that might help was established to provide Education about handling insurance claims, to provide a forum for dialogue and the exchange of information and, where necessary, to provide policyholders with referrals to professionals for assistance and representation.
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Bristol West's Code of Conduct They have very little instruction on how to treat the public.  Notice that they concentrate on rules for employees that protect themselves from the employees.  The only times they mention honesty is the employees are to be honest with Bristol West.

Funny.  It starts out reminding the employees that their reputation is a reflection of the conduct of their employees.  So, they admit that they have a bad reputation if they allow the employees to hang up on people and call them liars.

 Bristol West Contacts
Update on Company Ownership: According to their web site Farmer's Insurance appears to have acquired their company as of 2007.  I contacted Farmers on 9/22/08 to ask them if they have done anything about the crummy claims handling.  I'll let you know if they reply.


Bristol West Insurance
(The Parent Company of Coast National)

Their "contact us" link doesn't work.  You fill out the form and it doesn't go through.  They do have an "info" place:
Info Request

Good grief.  I sent in a note to them at the info request telling them their contact us thing didn't work.  I also gave them a link to this page.  They emailed a response saying:

"No information was received to assist you. Please resubmit request to assist you further."  (Although the name part I filled in went through.)

Bristol West Insurance
P.O. Box 229080
Hollywood, FL 33022-9080
Fax 1-800-776-5632
Phone:  800-274-7865 or 800-338-2560 or 954-316-5200

CEO:  James R. Fisher
5701 Stirling Road
Davie, FL 33314

Board of Directors as of 3/29/04:
Cary Blair, Richard T. Delaney, Inder-Jeet Singh Gujral, Mary R. Hennessy, Dr. Eileen Hilton, James N. Meehan, Arthur J. Rothkopf, Perry Golkin, Todd A. Fisher, Scott C. Nuttall, and James R. Fisher.

Coast National/Bristol West Insurance Claims Office

(If you call them you will find that very few of them actually pick up their phones.  It usually goes to their voice mail.)

They handle claims for Coast National, Bristol West, and Homestate County Mutual

8000 S Chester St.  Ste. 400
Centennial, CO 80112

Toll free:  (866) 706-8750   Extensions:
Rosemarie Ambrozic  #7055
Dana Chase #7003
Laurie Pudlik #7037
Dennis McCarthy (property damage) #7006
Regional Vice President, Steve Tarleton #7001

Coast National Insurance Home Office


505 North Euclid St.
Anaheim, CA 92801
714- 999-2000

Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.
(The Parent Company for Bristol West)


New York
9 West 57 Street  Suite 4200
New York, New York 10019
(212) 750-8300

Menlo Park
2800 Sand Hill Road  Suite 200
Menlo Park, California 94025
(650) 233-6560

 If you have any questions or comments:


 ~~After you click on the above link replace the ! with @ before sending your email~~

 This was a difficult decision to make.  I have been wrestling with whether or not to make this information public. 

I am a Christian and I am not comfortable with sharing bad information like this.  However, if you should get stuck in the same situation just because I didn't warn you then shame on me!

We are all people placed here on this planet.  Shouldn't we be making an effort to get along?  Shouldn't we be making an effort to tell the truth?  Shouldn't we try to help each other get through rough times?  Coast National is NOT. 

It seems if everyone who was treated wrong by them filed a complaint with the Department of Insurance, or regulator of insurance, in their state then maybe states would start telling Coast National/Bristol West that they were no longer allowed to write car insurance in that state!

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