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August 9, 2014
Darn it!  I thought I had saved the welcome message so I went ahead and did the new one.  Well.... if you don't save the old one first it gets lost forever.  I hate when that happens!

I had written some things to catch up from last November.  Hmmmm....

My niece and her two young children moved in with us.  We've had some family drama taking place that has turned things upside down.  I'm still the president of our homeowner association.  I was going to get up earlier in the mornings to spend time with God.

What else?  I think those were the biggies.
Link to the 8/9/14 Bible study.
August 14, 2014

I've been getting up hours earlier in the mornings to spend time with God!  Hooray!  I think I'm finally getting used to it.  Last night I got tired early and didn't have to force myself to go to bed early.  I feel more refreshed this morning than I have been.

My kitties are a bit confused.  They think that I am up early to spend time with them or to feed them earlier.  They'll get used to it, too.

I used to get up early all the time because I wanted to be up earlier than my children and my husband so I could get them ready to head out for the day.  Now that my husband is retired, I don't have to fix his sack lunch and breakfast.  I began sleeping in.

I have missed spending time in the Word and with God.  I am glad to be getting back to Him!

Monday night I was cutting up zucchini from our garden and
I sliced a chunk out of my fingernail.  Oh boy, oh boy, God gave us fingernails for a good reason!  The skin under them is extremely tender!

I'm a blood wienie.  If I see blood I start to pass out.  I have never passed out but I've come awfully close.  I know to lie down when I'm feeling faint.  When I cut myself I knew it was bad.  I couldn't look at it to see how bad.

My poor husband.  He tried to look at it and I started yelling at him because he was wiping it with a paper towel.  OW OW OW!  So, he just wrapped a bandage over it.  I stayed lying down until I felt better.

I stood up and went in the kitchen to finish cutting the zucchini.  I saw my fingernail with some of my skin on it lying on the zucchini and had to lie down on the kitchen floor.  As soon as I felt better I stood up and realized I needed to lie back down.  I went in to the living room carpet and lay down again.

I stood up after a while and realized I still was feeling faint so I ran in to the bedroom and lay on my bed with my head hanging over the side.  I finally felt well enough to get up.  Come to find out the bandage was leaking and I left a blood trail all over the house.  Ugh!

It appears that the skin under fingernails has a system to protect itself faster than if you cut your skin elsewhere.  The bad thing is it kept sticking to my bandages.  I had antibiotic ointment slathered on the bandage, but it still kept sticking.  Each time I had to pull the bandage off the bleeding started all over.  There I was, lying down again.

Finally, I changed a bandage shortly after putting it on and it only stuck a tiny bit so the bleeding was minimal.  I've not put another bandage on it and a kind of protective shell has formed.  It still hurts, but not quite as bad.  I can actually type with that finger as long as I don't clip the key above the one I'm touching.
I decided to scrape the popcorn texturing off the ceiling of one of the bedrooms.  What a mess!  It wasn't as hard as I thought, but what a mess!  I just sprayed it with a water bottle, waited a few minutes, and began scraping.  It came off easily.

I still have to get in the closet and finish.  Then I have to sand the bad spots, fill the holes where I had ceiling hooks, and then my part is done.  I have a neighbor who does drywall and he will re-texture it for me.  I have to go down to his house to see the different things he did on his own ceilings to decide what I want.

I've been trying to think of other ways to cover the popcorn in other rooms so I don't have to go to all that trouble of removing it.
  Today I have to finish typing up the minutes from the homeowner association board meeting we had on Monday.  I also have some letters to write and filing to do before I am done with meeting items.

I do the most work of all the board members, but they do a lot of work, too.  A homeowner that comes to our meetings suggested we list the things we do in a newsletter so the homeowners get an idea of how much work we do on their behalf.  Not a bad idea, if they read the newsletter.
I've been working on catching up on emails.  If you wrote to me a while back and haven't heard from me be patient.  I'm slowly working my way through them.
Link to the 8/14/14 Bible study.

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