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11/7/13 November 7, 2013
11/21/13 November 21, 2013
November 7, 2013

I've been working on getting organized lately.  There are so many things coming in the mail, coming with purchases, and almost falling from the sky that it is hard to figure out how to keep track of everything.

I have lots of information on my phone and in my computer, but electronics crash.  I have two backups for my computer.  Then I write myself notes.  Have you ever had to write a note that lists where you keep all your notes?  I've never done that, but have thought about it.

I have a calendar in my phone but I have a hard time keeping it coordinated with the things on our family calendar.  I keep forgetting about family birthdays.  There were just too many things to remember.  Not only that, too many things to remember where they were kept.

So, I went old-school.  I bought two old index card files and wrote everything out on index cards.  I have one file by date and the other alphabetically.  The only thing that will cause my new system to "crash" would be a fire and I doubt that will happen.

So far it is working marvelously!  I still have more information to add before I am fully organized.

Then I bought a "Neat" scanner.  First I got the travel model and my husband and I have been scanning receipts.  That helps save time.  I used to manually write down the information on the receipts.  The Neat program reads the receipts and saves me a ton of time.  At tax time it is way easier to total things up.

Today I bought the larger version of the Neat Scanner.  I want to scan all the papers I have in my filing cabinet in the garage.  I'm drowning in papers.  I hope it works like I think it will.  The organizing, not the Neat Scanner.

Are you surprised to see another Bible Study already?  That's part of my organizing.  I am working on getting up early and spending time with God.  When I spend time with Him He gives me things to share with you.

I can't squeeze God between being president of our Homeowner Association and working for my business, Kay's Heavenly Web Design.  I can't squeeze him between playing games on my phone and watching reruns of Law and Order.  God can't be squeezed!
Yesterday I took our dog to get her stitches out.  Almost six weeks ago she had surgery on her back leg and nose to remove some growths.  The one on her back leg turned out to be a squamous cell carcinoma cancer.  It was huge.  The first stitches only held the vertical part of the incision together.  Two weeks ago she had to have the horizontal part stitched up.

She had five other, small, growths removed.  There were some others that were candidates for removal, but she would have been stitched up from head to toe almost.  I have been putting cortizone cream on the others and they don't seem to be growing. Yesterday I found two more on her back.

 It is so very frustrating to have lost two dogs this year and the last one is now unhealthy.  Like my son said, it isn't fun going out in the back yard any more.
  I have four solar powered bobble heads.  I don't know what else to call them.  I fell in love with the concept when I saw my sister-in-law's collection sitting in the window.  They just seem so happy and make me smile.

I started out with a tiger sitting on a toilet reading a magazine.  Then I got a koala and a monkey whose bodies sway side to side.  The last one I got is a flower whose leaves go up and down and the flower goes side to side.

When the sun comes up they start moving.  I used to have them sitting on my windowsill.  The windowsill in my office is nice and deep.  The problem was my kitties like to stretch out and sun themselves.  They kept knocking my bobble heads to the floor.  I put a little shelf up and now they are safe and can bobble away all day long.

I like things that make me smile.
Link to the 11/7/13 Bible study.
November 21, 2013

Well, I had to skip last week.  I'm the president of our homeowner association and we have our board meetings once a month at my house.  Last Tuesday was our meeting.  I have to make copies of things for the meetings and have everything set up so I can get my fingers on the records we need.

I'm not only the president, but I do all the secretarial stuff, too.  We only have three board members out of 151 homes.  I'm the only one who is a good secretary and they want me to be president, too, because I'm organized.  So, everything seems to fall on my shoulders.

Then, when the meeting is over I have to send letters, emails, and do whatever else we decided needed to be done.

I turned one of our bedrooms into my office many years ago when my oldest son moved out.  It's a good thing I have it.  It has my sewing machine, computer desk, homeowner association stuff, golf tournament stuff (I put on a fundraiser tournament for my husband's golf team every year), web design stuff, Bible study stuff, and all the other household things that are my responsibility.

I have in baskets, out baskets, do it now baskets, do it soon baskets, wait for it baskets, and more.

I also had to take some time to begin washing my kitchen walls and cabinets.  I need to paint the walls and cabinets and wanted to prepare the surfaces. 

We got a new window in the kitchen during the summer and that meant I had to take my shelf over the old one down.  I decided to sand it so I could paint it.  It was a dark brown and I wanted to lighten it up.  Since I was painting that and the wall around the new window I decided I needed to paint the whole kitchen.  My son offered to paint for me if I prepped so I couldn't refuse.

I'm also working on a new website for a local restaurant.  I've had to completely redo the first design I had for them.  I hope they like what I came up with this time.  It's fun designing, but it takes a long time.

So, that is why we didn't have a Bible Study last week.  Forgive me?

Our dog is much happier now that she doesn't have to wear her protective cone on her head.  She's lonely, though.  Just before her surgery we had to put our other dog down.  She's the only one left out of the three we had at the beginning of the year.

She has some other growths starting to grow on her.  My youngest son is the one who actually owns her and pays for her medical.  It cost a lot for the surgery and I don't know if he can afford to keep having things removed. 

This has been a bad year all around and I just figured out why.  It's 2013.... unlucky 13!  Just kidding.  I don't believe in luck or coincidence.  God is in control and bad things are just going to happen.  Do you wonder why?  I wrote an article giving some explanations for why bad things happen.  If you want to read it, it is here.
This weekend my niece is getting married in Phoenix.  My husband and I are driving out there and will stay at my brother's house.  It will be a fun weekend, but it comes at a bad time of year.  As you have seen, I am a bit busy.  I should be working on the family photo calendars that I give for Christmas presents, but I haven't started.

WE are having the local family over for Thanksgiving next Thursday.  I hope I can get all my cupboard doors back on and the shelves up before that.  If I don't, then I don't.  I have learned to go with the flow and not stress out over things. 

A long time ago I had low self esteem.  I felt like everything had to be perfect for people to love me.  I felt like it was what I did that caused people to love me and not what I was.

God was the One who changed that.  When I learned that He loved me unconditionally I was able to come out of that low self esteem shell that I had built around myself.  It took time, but I was able to get to the point where it didn't matter to me what people thought of me.  If I was doing everything God wanted me to do then the problem was theirs and not mine.
The weekend after Thanksgiving my husband and I will be at Calico Ghost Town in Yermo, CA.  My husband does old-west reenactments with the group Guns and Garters.  Since my husband has a nice, white, beard they asked him if he'd consider playing Santa. 

I made him an 1800's style St. Nicolas costume.  The little kids absolutely loved him!  I think the costume was less threatening that the typical Santa with the big black belt and pants.  My husband's is more of a long gown with suspender-like decor.

Then I made myself a skirt and blouse so I could be his wife.  I help round up the kids and get them in to see him.  The children's faces are so adorable when they first catch sight of him.  I'll get someone to take a picture of the two of us and I'll share it with you.

Because of Thanksgiving I probably won't update this next week.
Link to the 11/21/13 Bible study.

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