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10/29/13 October 29, 2013
October 29, 2013

Where shall I start?  I've been gone over a year and a half.  I thought that, when my husband retired, things would slow down for me.  They have a little, but not much.  Since I last updated this we did go on two long vacations.  That explains five months.

There were quite a few months that I've been spending a lot of time with our pets.  Last year our cats went through some major episodes of bad health.  This year was a bad year for our dogs.  Rusty lost all use of his rear legs.  I got him a wheelchair so he could go on walks, but we had to take him outside at least every two hours.  He was a big boy and it was hard.

We had to put him down in May because he got some sort of gastrointestinal problem.  Then Moo Moo, our oldest dog, took a rapid downhill turn and we had to put him down in August.

Babe, our remaining dog, got skin cancer and just had some major surgery to remove most of it.  We don't want to get another dog right away because Babe has too many bad habits and we don't want her to teach them to anyone else.  I've been treating her wounds and spending extra time with her.

I got back on the Board of Directors of our Homeowner Association last year.  The Association was one step away from bankruptcy.  I was elected president but have been handling the majority of the secretary-type work.  The financial situation is much better and, thanks to pounding people with letters, we have gotten many of the past-due homeowners to catch up.  It has taken a lot of my time that I really did not want to have to spend.

There are a lot of other, personal, things that have been going on that have kept me from being here with you.  Almost every day I think about coming back, but I will not give you a Bible study that is not approved by God.  If I don't spend enough time with Him I cannot know for sure I have His approval.

Probably because of my minimal amount of time spent with Him I have been not doing well mentally.  It is probably depression.  I am on medication for depression and that has helped until recently.  My doctor just raised my dose and that seems to be helping.

I just finished writing a book, too.  The title is Clocks, Cameras, Computers, and Murder:  What Else Can Go Wrong?

I have sent it to some of my family and friends for proofreading before I contact a literary agent.  I put a lot of the things in there that have frustrated me during my life.  I'm hoping it will make enough money for me to pay back my husband and my sister-in-law for their donations to the lawsuits involving my mom's death.  I'll let you know when it goes to print.

Another thing that has been slowing me down is my age.  I am now 61 and everything just takes a lot more time to do. Since my husband retired he has been asking for my help with things off and on all day long.  I used to be able to get my things done while he was at work.  Now my schedule revolves around what he wants to do.  That has been very hard for me.

So, there are just some of my excuses.  They are not good enough to excuse me from doing the job that God gave me.  Why did I tell you, then?  I have felt like you are part of my church and a part of my family.  My intention is to pull myself out of this worldly muck that has grabbed hold of me and to dive back into the blessed Word of God.

I just made myself a new prayer closet in my office.  It was hard because I have my Web Design Business stuff in here, the Homeowner Association stuff in here, a giant cat tree in here for my babies, filing cabinets, my sewing table, etc. etc.  I also had to leave a path to the closet because my husband hangs his work shirts in there.

he kitty situation has changed around here, too.  We have a one year old named Sweetie.  She really is sweet, too.  She's part Siamese and very curious.  I have to keep reminding her that she only has nine lives!

We had another Siamese cat, Mocha, for a short period of time.  He, too, was curious and found a way to sneak out of the house.  Something killed him.  He was the most loving cat I ever had.  I was volunteering at the animal shelter and was working with all the shy cats.  I pulled him out of hiding and he started giving me kitty kisses and hugs.

The problem with that was I had steeled myself to not take any of those animals home.  I was able to go there, work on making them more adoptable, and to go home without adopting any of them.  That is, until I met Mocha.  That made three cats in our home.  I only had him a couple of months when my husband and I took our long vacation in 2012.  My son was home when Mocha got out.

When we got home from vacation my husband went to the local hardware store for something and came home with a picture of three kittens in a cage.  One of them was Sweetie.  So, once again, we had three cats.
I want to share about my husband's and my wonderful three-month long vacation across the United States. 

We visited my brother in Arizona the first weekend.  I met my second cousin in Arizona for the first time.  We found each other on ancestry.com.  We had two weeks of sightseeing before we had to be at our son's in Missouri.  We stayed there a little over two weeks helping him work on his remodel.

We left his house on July 4th and headed to Mississippi to visit our nephew.  We stayed there three days and left on July 10th heading toward Michigan to spend a while with my friend I met on the Internet and had subsequently met in person. 

The days we drove we scheduled no more than five hours of driving.  We stopped at interesting places along the way, which sometimes made our days much longer.  Much of our route was on side roads avoiding freeways, expressways, interstates, and whatever else the main roads are called in other states.  We like to see little towns and the way that people live in various places.  We also took scenic routes.
Our vacation vehicles
We towed our F150 so we could visit places that didn't have enough room for our camper.  When we were staying with friends a relatives for more than a few days we had a vehicle to drive without having to move our "house".

There was so much to see that most of our days consisted of driving, sightseeing, getting to a campground, spending the night, driving again....  It was a comfortable routine, but didn't leave time for the things I would have liked to get done.  Unless we were visiting someone we rarely spent more than one day in each place we stopped.

Then I still had to do laundry, clean the camper, and cook.  I had taken some projects along to work on but I just didn't have time.  I have been putting some of the photos I've taken here in my photo album.
The transmission on our F150 gave out while we were on vacation.  The dealership that repaired it said it was due to the transmission disconnect we had put in. 

When we went out to buy a truck we told the salesman we wanted a 4-wheel drive truck we could tow.  He called someone in Ford and they said the truck with the smaller back seat and suicide door could be towed but the one with the super sized back seat could only be towed with a transmission disconnect.  We wanted the large back seat so we bought the disconnect.

Our mechanic called Ford to verify that the truck could be safely towed with the disconnect installed.  They confirmed it with him.  The dealer who put in the replacement transmission told us our 4-wheel drive could never be towed with all four wheels down!  Even though it was still under warranty, we had to pay full price for the transmission!

It seems like I need to mount a video camera to my shoulder and video every single thing that happens.  Life sure can be frustrating!
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