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03/11/12 March 11, 2012
March 11, 2012

Boy, oh boy, it was hard to get this updated.  I started it probably five times, got about halfway done and something happened to delete it.  Either my computer froze or the program froze or it just disappeared.  I finally got smart and saved it every few minutes.  Why does Microsoft have auto-save on their other programs and not on Expression Web?

Last time I told you I was going to work on my physical, mental, and spiritual health and let you know how it was going.  Well, I'm still working on it.

I have decided that I need to do something each day in each of those three areas.  I'm starting out small and working my way up.  It's kind of funny to find out that lots of things I was doing before already were in one of those categories.

The first thing I am working on is the spiritual part.  The mental part is pretty much automatically better because of the spiritual.

My "system" still needs improvement.  I'll continue to keep you updated.

I invented a toy for the cats at the animal shelter.  Somebody donates toys, but they are mostly plastic balls.  There isn't enough room in the cages for the cats to get much pleasure out of rolling the balls around.

There were some toys that hung on the cage bars, but that put the cat's back to the window when playing with those toys.  Potential adopters want to see the kitties' faces.

I bought a bunch of suction cups and tied catnip-scented toys to them using elastic thread.  The suction cups go on the windows so the cats face out when playing.  Small cat toys are expensive and I couldn't find anywhere that would sell them to me for a discount.

While at a swap meet I realized I could take small stuffed children's toys, the kind that comes in fast food boxes, and make them work.  I open up the seams, stick some catnip in them, and roll them in catnip before fastening them to the suction cups.  They work great and the price is right.

My cats loved them.  It was hard for me to get them all tied together with my cats pushing my hands out of the way to get at the catnip smells.  I'm glad I came up with the idea to use children's toys because they look cute hanging in the windows. Not all the cats like the toys, but some do.
I'm still behind on my email.  I have one more big project to finish so I can spend dedicated time on returning emails.  It's funny how projects come and go around here.  Just when I think I have my time under control something needing my time comes along. 

Now that my husband is retired he seems to think it is OK to interrupt me whenever he needs my help.  It used to be that I was available to help him when he had come home from work.  I had the alone time during the day to complete my tasks.  Now I don't have alone time.

The problem is, when he is working on his email or whatever he needs help on, he can't put it off until later because he will forget.  So, I have to drop what I am doing and go help him.  Perhaps I need to set aside certain hours of the day as LEAVE ME ALONE time.

I think I need to set up a schedule for myself so he knows what I will be doing and when.  Of course, last Tuesday he knew I wanted to be at the animal shelter at 11:00AM and he wanted me to help him figure out something on his new phone and made me late.

So, what am I going to do?  Think, think, think until I come up with an idea.
We got some bad news.  Water has been getting in under our bathtub.  We have to tear it out to assess the damage.  That means the tub and surround have to come out since they are all one piece.  We don't have the money to do that right now.  Maybe the good news will be when we do have the money and I can get a clawfoot or jacuzzi tub instead of the "standard" tub.  The standard tubs are only good for small children.  It's annoying to not be able to submerse your entire body in the water at the same time.

I wish I could run into one of those room crashers from TV.  That would be cool.
Well, I did something I didn't think I would do.  I adopted another cat.  I didn't rescue him, he rescued me.  He was hiding in his catbox area, so I pulled him out to work on socializing him.  He kissed me and snuggled up under my chin.

Oh dear.  My kitten, Princess, used to kiss me.  Plus, this cat looked very much like my old cat, Reeboks.  I began telling myself I wasn't supposed to bring home any more cats.  I told myself it was my job to get them as adoptable as possible.  The cat kept kissing me and hugging me.

So, I began to pray about it.  My heart just was wrapping around that cat.  I think he was adopting me.  It was time for me to go home, so I put him back in his cage.  I finished up and, as I walked by the cages I saw him looking at me.  That was strange, because he didn't like to come out of the catbox area and hadn't looked out before.

So, I prayed that my husband would come the next morning to meet the cat and that, if my husband would come and the cat was still there, then I would open my mind to the possibility of adopting him.

When I got home my husband informed me that he was golfing the next morning.  So, there it was.  Then, the next morning the wind began to blow very hard and my husband cancelled his golf.  Hmmm.... the door was open again.

So, we went and my husband grudgingly held the cat.  I adopted him.  His name is Mocha.  He is a Seal-Point Siamese and he is sweet.

The night of his first day he he started sneezing.  Our vet said to let it run its course since he didn't appear to have complications.  I have him isolated in my office away from my other two cats.  Poor baby.
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