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2/7/06 February 7, 2006
2/15/06 February 15, 2006
February 7, 2006

Thursday was Groundhog's Day.  Is it just me, or was that about the silliest "holiday" there ever was?  I'm not counting all the "Hallmark holidays" like "Third-Cousin Once-Removed Day" or "Ex-Spouse Day" that they created just to sell cards.

Every Groundhog's Day is also my husband's and my anniversary.  This one was our 26th.  Funny.  When I look at it one way it doesn't seem that long.  On the other hand, when I look at it another it seems much longer than that.

It's weird how some things do that.  Time must be flexible somehow.  Oh, wait, it is probably my brain that is flexible!  I've got to tighten up those belts and lubricate those gears!

I've been working on an author page for the Clarion Call.  There are quite a few people who have contributed things here.  This site isn't just one person's efforts, but many and I felt it was important to highlight that fact.

I was taxing my poor brain trying to remember how I originally "met" some of those people.  I can't remember if they found me or I found them out there in cyberspace.

I haven't finished the author page yet.  I have to keep searching through all the pages here and see if I've forgotten any.  Plus, I'm trying to make sure I have links to everything that someone submitted on their section of the author page.

If I had known how big the Clarion Call was going to get I sure would have planned out an organizational strategy a long time ago.

I spent some time browsing Christian pages to see what was good about web design and what was bad.  One important thing was being able to find your way around.  Just when I think I've made it easy for you to find what you want I discover a flaw in the design.  So, I've been working on that and a lot of other things around here.  I'll let you know when new things are done.  If you sign up on the mailing list then I will email you to let you know when something changes here, including the Bible study on this page.

Barnabus the Bible Bear

This is Barnabus the Bible Bear.  It actually recites scriptures!!  I bought one and I LOVE it!  Click on the picture for a more complete description and to find out where you can get one.  It would be great for kids or even adults.  I think that some very elderly adults might find comfort from Barnabus, too.

Our bowling team is in last place.  I don't just mean last place, I mean LAST PLACE!!  As of last week, we were a little more than halfway through the season and we were 12 games behind the next to the last team! 

A month ago we changed the name of our team to Skunk Brigade.  I guess if you are going to stink then you might as well flaunt it!

The neat thing is we are having a whole lot of fun!  Sometimes we laugh so hard we can't see straight.  We definitely have more fun than the other teams.

I found a little stuffed skunk at a thrift store.  He has a price tag on his ear that said 75 and it was marked down to 50.  He is our team mascot.  Whenever one of us does particularly awful we all yell, "You stink!"  If we feel we did bad ourselves we hold our own nose and say, "Peeee U!" 

Our team signal is turning around and making like we are lifting up our tail.  Oh, I'm telling you, we are having a ball!  We feel sorry for the teams that are so serious.  We are usually able to get them to smile some at our antics, though, so we are spreading the joy.

Link to the 2/7/06 Bible study.
February 15, 2006

Whooo HOOOO you're going to soar with me this week!  I've got some BIG news to tell you!

When I update these I have to first archive the previous welcome message and Bible study.  As I was re-reading the last Bible study it hit me right between the eyes.  God was preparing me for what was going to take place!!

If you didn't read the last study out of 2Kings about pre-conceived ideas then you need to go read it so you can appreciate the full impact.  Actually, the previous study before that from 1Kings is a precursor to the one in 2Kings so you should start with that one.

Oh this just gets more beautiful as I ponder it.  The two studies from 1 and 2Kings were done independently from each other.  I didn't set them up to be connected to each other.  When I archive each study I have to fit it into one of the 20 topical categories for the studies.  Neither one of those studies fit perfectly under any one topic.

I don't' remember wondering which category was best for the 1Kings study, but today, for the 2Kings study, I was going back and forth between "Faith", "Day to Day Living", "A Closer Walk with God", and "What is God's Will?", ending up with the last one.  There, in that same category, was the 1Kings study!  It laid the foundation for the 2Kings study which, in turn, laid the foundation for my big news!

Coincidence?  HA!!  There is no such thing!

So, you should go read the 1Kings study and keep on to the one right after it, which is the 2Kings study.  Then come on back and I'll send you somewhere else before I hit you with the BIG NEWS!

OK, now you are getting your mind into the mode of staying open minded, right?

In my welcome message I had people go read the story about my other cat, Reeboks, and then had them come back here for the new part of the story.  I've just added the big news onto the end of the Reeboks story.  So, go read the whole thing and you'll know all about my big news.

Our God is an AWESOME God!
Link to the 2/15/06 Bible study.

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