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3/6/06 March 6, 2006
3/19/06 March 19, 2006
March 6, 2006

Bug, my cat, is still with us!  Slowly but surely he is getting better.  Off and on since his diagnosis I've wrestled with doubt.  When I would see his muscles contracting as he was trying to sleep, when I could feel his giant kidneys while petting him, and when he would walk away from his food without eating I would find myself starting to think that all was lost.  As soon as I felt any of those doubting feelings I had to force myself to focus on God.  I would speak life into Bug and concentrate on what God told me and not what my eyes were seeing.

It is hard to walk in the spiritual realm when our eyes see what is in the natural.  It is hard to not believe what we've been taught to believe all our lives and to believe that God will defy the natural "laws" by which we live.  Yet, that is EXACTLY what He expects us to do.

"For we walk by faith, not by sight." 2Cor 5:7 

I've not been home.  I went to visit my in-laws.  I helped my mother-in-law with her photos.  She had boxes of pictures that needed to be put into albums and into frames.

We made quite a mess by pulling them all out and spreading them all out.  It sure was confusing at times.  We had to try to put them into the right chronological order.  We weeded out the duplicates.  I scanned, adjusted, and printed the ones we wanted smaller or bigger.  We had to guess what year the pictures were taken, who was in the pictures, and where the pictures were taken

It helped to have two minds focusing on it.  I was able to encourage her to keep plugging away at it until we had them all sorted into years.

I am home now.  My husband is glad.  He missed me, I can tell.  He missed me and he missed his oatmeal I fix him for breakfast.  He also missed having a lunch to take to work.  Then there's the clean clothes, too.  Yes, he missed me.
Smiling face

My dogs and cats missed me, too.  It's nice to be loved.

Has anyone seen Jesus in your face lately?

If people you don't know feel loved when they are around you, that is probably Jesus.  If people see peace on your face when your life is anything but peaceful, that is Jesus.

Wherever you are you can share Jesus without even saying His name by allowing Him to shine through you. 

In order for that to happen you need to clean your window.  You clean your window by getting rid of everything that hinders you from having a close relationship with the Lord.

"What things?" you ask?  Ask God.  He'll tell you. 

I got the cutest little keyboard to keep in my travel bag.  It is tiny and it lights up.  It hurts my wrists to type for very long on my laptop keyboard.  The last time I flew on a plane and took my computer I put my big keyboard in my suitcase.  I guess it looked strange on the x-ray because they searched my bag going and coming home.

So, I had my husband buy me an early birthday present.
Computer keyboard
Isn't it cute?  I can touch type but don't have good enough accuracy on the top row keys.  I don't always want to have a light on so that's when I can turn on the light that lights up the keyboard.  It is really neat! 

Link to the 3/6/06 Bible study.
March 19, 2006

Update on Bug:  He's more active and his appetite is better.  He still acts like he's having spasms when he is at rest, but that is just the enemy trying to convince me that all is not well.  Here's what I say to that:
PFFFFTTTT! Smiley giving raspberry 

I had some kind of awful twelve hour stomach flu or something along those lines last Sunday night.  I was in some severe pain.  My entire body was in pain.  My stomach felt like it was going to birth a Volkswagen, my feet were cramping, and I had a fever.  It was awful.  I was even considering going to the hospital.

Then, around midnight, it started getting less severe.  When I got up in the morning I was weak and felt like I was going to pass out.  I sure don't want to go through that again.  I'm finally feeling almost 100% to my normal self.  Normal... there's that word again.  What, exactly is normal?

Normal to me is probably not normal to you.  I'm thinking that if someone told me I was crazy I'd probably thank them because that, to me, is normal... for ME.

Speaking of normal... I know that when some people read things here at the Clarion Call they think I am abnormal, loony-tunes, and just plain not right in the head.  As far as they are concerned I am definitely not normal.

If normal means I have to say that God stays quietly in Heaven and doesn't try to communicate with us any more since the Bible was written then I am NOT normal.  If normal means I have to believe that God withdrew all power to heal, prophesy, and work miracles from mankind then I am NOT normal.  If normal means I have to believe in fate, coincidence, luck, and my horoscope as told by the alignment of the stars then I am NOT normal.

Is believing that God gave me the power to speak life into things any harder to believe than I, and all the other people with my "birth sign", will get angry with someone tomorrow because of how the stars and planets are aligned?

Is my believing that God still speaks to us today any harder to believe than if I carry a rabbit's foot I will have good luck?  Is my believing that God gives out the gift of healing any harder to believe than I am doomed to die early because a crease in my palm is shorter than everyone else's?

Hmmm... just who is normal and who is not??

Goodness gracious!  That last portion started at my getting sick and went way out into orbit from there.  I better be careful!  I almost fell off my soapbox!
I found a website that has a very extensive list of Christian radio stations that have live feeds you can listen to while you are online.  They are broken down into categories, too. What a blessing!   http://www.christiantuner.com

Three dogs is one too many for a person with two arms to handle.  They all want loving and they all want it NOW!  Actually, come to think of it, I don't think I told you I had three dogs.

There's Moo Moo, my dog.  Then there's Rusty, my son's dog.  We acquired a new dog the end of last year when my husband's cousin died.  My husband was the closest relative so he ended up taking care of his cousin's belongings.  One of his cousin's belongings was a Pit Bull dog.

I tried to find a home for her but you don't just give a Pit Bull to anyone who starts to get a crazy look on their face and says, "Pit Bull? Yeah, I'll take it!"  Too many people don't treat those dogs nicely.  Or someone would use her to breed (she hadn't been fixed) and then the puppies would chance going to bad homes.

So, we ended up keeping her.  It took a while for me to learn her personality.  I stayed away from her face at first because I've heard bad things about Pit Bulls.  Actually, she didn't want me near her face at first.  I spent some time every day just petting and touching her all over.  Then I began to do a little pushing and pulling and it graduated to playing tug of war and chasing each other.

Now I can trust her as much as I trust the other two dogs.  She and Moo Moo have become buddies and don't quarrel any more.  My son and I have been working with her and she is learning to heel, sit, stay, and more.  I don't have any pictures of her yet.  My camera is in the shop.  I'll let you know when I get some.

Link to the 3/19/06 Bible study.

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