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4/2/06 April 2, 2006
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April 2, 2006

YIKES!  I had another alignment/spacing problem in some of the pages here.  I use Microsoft FrontPage to do the web pages.  It inserts various codes in the pages to tell your browser how to show the punctuation, line spacing, etc.

Well, it doesn't always use the same codes and they don't always look the same in the program when I am creating them and in browsers when they are online.
The spacing was off in the index portion at the top of the Bible studies.  Some had extra lines in between them.  It wasn't bad, but looked unprofessional and sloppy.
So, in fixing those I didn't realize I was changing the way the rest of the studies looked.  It wiped out the line spacing in a lot of the studies.  Oh dear, that made them hard to read!  I thought the first problem looked unprofessional and sloppy... the new problem looked like I was totally careless and didn't know anything about spaces between sentences or lines between paragraphs.

So, instead of doing the new Bible study, I spent part of last week cleaning up that mess.  Am I having fun yet??

I just have to check every single page that I put online to see what good old Microsoft has done with it.  That's another thing... I cannot get any help from Microsoft on that issue unless I pay them $25 an hour!  Can you believe it?  They are just too big for their britches!

Have you ever eaten veal?  I hear it is pretty tasty and tender.  I know why it is tender.  There are some dairies not far from here.  Some of those dairies raise calves for veal.
The most tender veal meat comes from calves that were forced to stand in veal crates.  I don't know all the details as fact, I just know what I've seen.  I'm assuming those calves stay in those crates all the time so that they don't get tough by using their muscles.

The crates are lined up in rows.  Each crate is so small the calf cannot move.  It looks to small for the calf to even lie down.  I have a feeling it is wedged in their somehow so it doesn't use its legs.

The crates are made out of wood slats.  They are not waterproof.  They are not air conditioned.  The summers get over 100 degrees out here many days.  Those calves get shade, but cannot flick flies off their faces with their tails.

I've never had veal and will never eat it, either.  From what I have read, Europe has banned the use of veal crates because it is inhumane.  Shouldn't our country do that, too?

My husband and I drove past the dairies last week and I saw the poor little calves.  I've often wanted to stop and break all the crates apart and let the calves out, but then I would probably be arrested.

We can make a difference, though.  If you know anyone that eats veal let them know the suffering that took place for their meal.  Maybe we can get people to stop buying it.  If there is no market for it then they won't need to torture those calves any more!

I've been busy, again, adding new things here at the Clarion Call.  God has been blessing us with more and more great stuff!

I've been getting some really nice emails and guestbook entries from people who found things at the Clarion Call.  One of the emails really got my attention.  The things that woman said reminded me of when I was reaching out to connect to others who had gone through the spiritual things I was going through.

That was about seven years ago that I searched and searched and searched and found nothing.  I remember reading the description of a site while I was searching and the description sounded exactly like what I needed.  Then, when I went to the site it wasn't at all what it described itself to be!  I was so very frustrated and tired that I sent an email to that person.  I used her description and pointed out how none of the things described were anywhere to be found at her site.  The lady turned out to be very nice, but she had no idea what I was talking about.

Anyway, this email I got opened my eyes to where God has brought the Clarion Call.  Over the years it has turned into that site I was looking for way back when!  Praise God!  I had no idea that it would grow so big or that it would become as full of varied things as it is.  There are lots of different contributors, too.  Slowly, but surely, as I plodded along adding things the Clarion Call became something that was needful.  I'm so glad God kept nudging me to do it!
Link to the 4/2/06 Bible Study
April 14, 2006

I got a digital camera for my birthday and have been playing around with it trying to figure out all the things it does.  I've been taking a lot of pictures of my pets. I put a new picture up of my dogs so now you can see all three of them together.

I did get a picture of a duck that is always in my garden.  Well, I thought it was a duck but an expert told me it is a loon.  I always wondered why he had blue feet.
Plastic duck

Whew, I'm worn out!!  I spent a few days this week up in the attic.  A couple of years ago my husband put in some flooring in our attic and one of those pull-down ladders so I can climb up there.  I store things up there that can handle the heat in the summer.

Little did I know that cardboard boxes don't like heat.  Some of them were collapsing under the weight of the boxes on top of them.

I bought a bunch of 18-gallon plastic containers the other day and started transferring stuff out of the cardboard boxes.  I am labeling all of them in detail.  It will be nice when I'm done because I'll be able to find things a lot easier, it makes more room to walk around, and things will stay cleaner.

I have a lot of my old Sunday School supplies up there from when I was a Sunday School teacher.  I bought all my own supplies.  So, when I left that church I took them with me, thinking I would teach Sunday School again.  Little did I know that we wouldn't be in any other church long enough for me to become a teacher.  Sad face

I'm almost done, but I had to take a day off.  It gets hot up there in the afternoon.  I stayed as long as I could, but I was afraid I'd get careless as I got more tired and step through the opening.  Now, that would hurt!

I had to keep crouching over.  I could stand up in the middle on one end, but it slopes down from the peak.  Our TV antenna is up there, too.  I kept bumping my head on it.  So, I'm worn out and have a tired back.  I'm going back up when I'm done here and finish it.

My husband and I got away for a few days last week.  I stayed in the camper and worked on web pages.  I like going places where my husband has things to do that he likes so I can stay in the camper and work on the pages here at the Clarion Call.  Here at home there are too many other things that need to be done and it is hard to spend dedicated time.

I finished some things that were in my "to do" folder.  I had forgotten about some of them.   I have an old poetry book that had some beautiful poems.  I added those to the prose section.

Between working in the attic and being gone for a few days last week my house has gotten messy looking.  A few things I brought down out of the attic are in a pile.  The clothes I've been washing are in a pile waiting to be put away.  The things that go in the camper that I washed are in another pile waiting to be put away.  The dust bunnies are running around waiting to be vacuumed.
Can you guess what I will be doing today?

Isn't the Internet a wonderful thing?  It has brought you and me together!  I meet people that I would have never met the old-fashioned way.  The Body of Christ can network with each other.  We can find others who are being told the same thing by God and share.  It is a great tool.

The bad thing is there are some awful things on the Internet as well.  However, you and I have a choice as to where on the Internet we will browse.  It is because people make wrong choices that the bad things exist.  People choose to create them and other people choose to visit them.

Free will... now there's another good thing/bad thing.

Well, I have to go finish up in the attic while the morning is cool.
Link to the 4/16/06 Bible Study
April 26, 2006

I've been having more fun with my new camera.  The digital zoom on it is amazing.  The digital zoom on my movie camera makes everything real fake looking with big pixels.  This one is as clear on the digital zoom as on the regular zoom!  The camera I got is the Kodak Z740.  I got it through Amazon.com.  the price was way cheaper than at our local camera store and there was no shipping or tax on it.

I even took some of the pictures I snapped and made some new graphics for some of the pages here.  They were flower pictures so I used them on the pages that are more personal, my "about me" page and the welcome message archives.  (I'm careful not to make the pages too feminine because I was told by a man I know that he didn't read anything here because of the flowers.  I'm sure it was just an excuse, but I'm not going to hinder anyone from receiving anything just because they are turned off by the graphics!)

I'm working toward having all the backgrounds here originals.

A pair of red tailed hawks has nested in one of our cottonwood trees.  The nest is way up in the tree, but look what my zoom caught:
Red tailed hawk on nest

Isn't that neat?  My friend, Sue, has inspired me to take more pictures.  She takes absolutely stunning photographs.  You can see some of her work in Awakenings in the Wild.

I finished organizing and re-packaging the things in my attic.  I even drew a diagram of where everything is.  I did such a good job that I was able to put more things up there and you can't even tell it has more stuff.

I'm trying to convince my husband that we need a whole-house fan.  You open a couple of windows in the evening when the outside air is cooler than inside your house and turn on the fan.  It draws the warm air out of the house into the attic replacing the air in the house with the cooler air from outside.  Then, in my case, it will do double duty because it will pull the cooler air up into the attic and keep the things I have stored up there cooler.  Actually, I probably have convinced my husband it would be a good thing, I just haven't convinced him he wants to install it himself!

Then, since I moved some of the things out of the garage into the attic, I tackled the garage.  My exercise area got squeezed out when we stored my niece's things and when we moved some shelves around.  Things got turned topsy-turvy.
It was hard work and it took me three days.  It was dirty out there and my poor sinuses took a beating.  I was sniffing dust and dirt as well as pollen so I was sneezing my silly head off.

It's amazing what a little organization can do.  Well, I did get rid of some things, too.  When everything isn't all in a particular place you don't know how many of that item you have.  I save jars and containers to use for various purposes, but my collection gets too big because I don't know how many I have.  Now I know.
I now have the exercise equipment all lined up.  I have my radio out there to distract me from the pain of exercising.  I'm ready to dump a few pounds!!  What?  What?  Did I hear someone say I need to watch what I eat, too?  Good grief.  Oh, I know.  I can just turn on a brighter light and watch what I eat, as I'm eating it.  Get it?  Watch what I eat... watch myself eat.... look at my food... oh, never mind.

Did you know that God makes dinner reservations?  My niece and her daughter were vacationing about an hour from here.  So, we decided to meet them for dinner.  Since she was in an area that had lots of restaurants I told her I'd find one and let her know.

I did a search on the Internet and found about 60 different restaurants in a ten square mile area.  I narrowed the selection down to one that offered a wide variety of foods so we would all be able to find something we liked.  I didn't make reservations because we wouldn't know until the last moment exactly what time we would be able to meet.

When the four of us got there (my husband, my two sons that live here, and myself) the restaurant we had chosen was gone!  There were a couple more in the complex where we were so my husband wandered around to pick one while I looked for our relatives.

The restaurant where we ended up was not very large.  The hostess asked if we had a reservation.  When we said we didn't she said something along the lines of, "That's not good."

Then we were told there was a party of six who had made a reservation and hadn't showed up.  So we were seated at the only table in the whole restaurant that held six people!

We should have asked what name was on that reservation.  It just might have been ours!

I've been reading a book called "The Pursuit of Holiness" by Jerry Bridges.  It is good so far and goes along with what God showed me in "A Call to Holiness".  It also has the study guide for the book and a bonus book of the sequel which is "The Practice of Godliness" all included in the same book.

So far the only things I see that aren't correct are that the author hints that we will always be on a journey toward holiness and will never arrive.  That isn't God's opinion.  He also says God's Word is in the Bible and, so far, hasn't even mentioned that God's Word also comes directly from God to each of us.  However, the basic information he gives in the book so far is good stuff.  I bought the book at Christianbook.com.
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