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6/13/05 June 13, 2005
6/27/05 June 27, 2005
June 13, 2005

Here I am!  I'm back!

Boy oh boy have I been busy!  My son came to visit for a week, I had two days to recover, and then I was gone for over a week.  When I came back I had one day to play catch-up and was gone again for three days.

We drove up northwest of Sacramento, California to go to my niece's wedding and to visit my in-laws.  (There are a few wedding pictures here.)  My husband took a few days off of work.  I stayed an extra few days while he drove home with my sons.  I helped my in-laws with a few things and flew home a week ago last Thursday.

Then, that Friday afternoon, we drove to Laughlin, Nevada for the weekend.  Our bowling league had it's sweepstakes there.  Good thing we only joined the league to have fun.  If we were in it for the money we'd be in trouble!  We weren't in last place, but we were bringing up part of the rear!

There are some teams in that league that aren't very much fun.  They are way too serious.  Then, on the other hand, they probably think we are way too silly.

Anyway, when I got home I had to play catch up.  I'm still far from being caught up but I've been thinking about you and so I am putting this ahead of everything else.  Well, almost everything else.  I will be going from this to other things that have to get done today, but I will finish this today.

I took my laptop with me when I went to the wedding.  I was able to spend a little time working on some graphics.  I found a few more eagle pictures that weren't copyrighted and was working on them.

Most of the eagle pictures out there are copyrighted.  Like I told you last time I was contacted and told that I was using one of them.  I've had that picture for a long time so am not sure how I got it but I had to remove it.

One of these days I'm going to go on a vacation and make a special point of going where there are eagles and taking some pictures... like the San Diego Zoo.  LOL!

We ran into tons of bugs on our trips and the front of my camper looked awful!  It has been a while since I waxed the truck and camper so I figured it was time.

We took the camper off of the truck and my son washed and waxed the truck and I washed the camper and vacuumed and dusted inside the truck.  The roof of the camper has more square footage than my kitchen floor!  We both finished at the same time and it only took us 3 1/2 hours!

I was too tired to wax the camper so had to do it the next day.  I've tried to take good care of them and, when they are cleaned up, they both still look almost brand new.  The camper is starting to show a little wear.  I'm going to have to buy some sealant stuff and re-do the areas on the roof where the old sealant is cracked.

We've got to make it last a long time because we can't afford to buy a new one!  I don't want a new one.  I like this one.  Before we go anywhere else I have to get in there and re-think my storage, though.  One thing I'm going to do is write what is in each cupboard on 3x5 index cards and fasten them to the inside of the doors.  I did that in my deep corner kitchen cupboards and it is very helpful when you don't remember where things are.

I have a master list of what is in what cupboard, but I couldn't find it.  LOL!  Wait, all I need is one more list... a list to tell me where my lists are!

I had to go out in the front yard and prune the roses.  A lot of them had big suckers and were looking ratty.  Our sprinklers malfunctioned while we were gone and the grass and some of the roses got brown.  I had to work on those areas.

I've not spent very much time at all working on my yard.  I've been concentrating on things inside the house.  I haven't even planted anything in my garden!  This is a sad year for our yard.  I will just be concentrating on keeping the front yard nice looking since that is what people see.

Link to the 6/13/05 Bible study.
June 27, 2005

How do you like the eagle head pictures at the top of the Bible study page?  My friend, Sue, is taking some eagle pictures for me.

When the Clarion Call first came together God impressed on me to use eagles for graphics.  It just seemed to go naturally with the theme He gave me to "call" out like a clarion because eagle calls are impressive, too.  Plus, He had once told me I was called to be an eagle, so eagles are very significant to me.

Last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday my husband and I moved his classroom from the old high school to the new high school.  Boy oh boy did he accumulate a lot of stuff in the last 21 years!  He had teaching supplies as well as coaching supplies.  Since they had him teaching various classes over the years he had things for multiple subjects.

On Wednesday we just packed boxes and loaded up our trailer and took it all over to the new school.  (The old school will be re-habbed while they are utilizing the new high school's campus.  Supposedly they will move back to the old campus in three years.)  It took two trailer loads to get all of his personal stuff and teaching supplies.

Then the hardest part was deciding where to put everything.  The new school has a bunch of built-in cabinets.  So, we had to figure out which one was the right size and shape for what stuff.  It took two days to unpack and get organized!  Altogether we spent 29 hours in three days working on it!

We had to get as much done by Friday as we could because another teacher will be teaching a summer school class in there starting today.  So, we had to get it all done.  There are still a few cupboards that need organizing.  Plus, I want to make a chart of where everything is so my husband can find things.  We will go back in there the week before school starts in the fall and finish it up.

Then, as if I weren't tired already, I spent Saturday emptying, cleaning, moving, and refilling my fish pond.  An egret was helping himself to my goldfish again.  I needed to take out all the rocks and put them back in with more hiding places for the fish.

Since I had to take them out I just emptied the whole thing and cleaned it.  I was so busy over the winter I neglected it and allowed it to grow slimy.  Then, I decided to move it to a different spot once I emptied it.

Now it is closer to the house.  I not only stacked the rocks with lots of spaces between them I put some chicken wire boxes in it.  I cut little fish-sized holes in the sides of the boxes.  So, the fish are always close to a protected zone if the egret dares to come that close to the house to go fishing.

I wore out the pads on my fingers lifting and scrubbing all those rocks.  My back and neck got tired, too.  I had to move a large landscaping rock to move the fish pond (a round horse-trough that I painted to look like a wooden barrel) and smashed my wedding ring when the rock rolled and my hand got caught between the rock and a solid object.

I ran into the barn to get needle-nosed pliers to make the band round again since the rock smashed it flat on my finger.  Then I ran into the house to grab some string to get the ring off my finger, which had started to swell.

Let's see if I can describe this nifty way of removing a ring that is too tight.  Take about a two foot length of string or dental floss and slip one end under the ring band in the direction of the palm of your hand about two inches.  The long part of the string is then wrapped around your finger going toward and over your knuckle keeping the wraps fairly close together.  Pull the short end of the string putting pressure on the ring and as you unwrap it, taking it around and around your finger, the ring is pushed over the knuckle by the string and comes off your finger easily.  A dab of liquid soap or soapy water might help it come off easier if it is extremely tight.

You should try it on a ring that isn't too tight so you are familiar with the process prior to needing it in case of an emergency.

Well, how about that.  Now the Clarion Call has helpful hints, too!

Anyway, I got the pond all put back together on Saturday.  Now I need to go buy some more goldfish since I only have seven left.

It's really weird how hard it is to figure out where the last ten months has gone.  I had a bunch of things I intended to get done and they didn't.  I know all the rain we had prevented me from doing the painting and gardening that I wanted to do.  But, what about all the other things that had nothing to do with the rain?

I think I am spending too much time helping other people with their projects.  I don't think a week goes by where I don't spend at least one whole day working on a project that is not my own.  That isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it sure makes it difficult for me to get my stuff done!

Why is it that I don't get the same kind of help?  Where do I go to sign up for that kind of help?

Link to the 6/27/05 Bible study.

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