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7/19/05 July 19, 2005
7/27/05 July 27, 2005
July 19, 2005

I'm back, I'm back, I'm back!!  My computer crashed. sad face I made the decision to buy a new one.  I bought it from Dell and had to wait for it.

Usually when your computer crashes you lose everything on it.  Well, I had already backed it up in April because I had reformatted the hard drive.  So, the only things I had lost were some pages I was working on for the Clarion  and a few other charts and letters I had done.  The worst thing was losing my email addresses and email.  I no longer had the backup for those things.

A day or so after the crash I started thinking about how God gave me the ministry at the Clarion Call and that He probably wanted me to have those things.  I turned on my computer and it came up!

I backed everything up and PPPFFFFFTTTTtttt... it died again!  WOW!  God fixed the computer long enough for me to get my stuff off of it!

However, I did a dumb thing.  I accidentally overwrote my email file while putting things into my new computer.  I still have my email addresses, which is the most important thing, but I lost all my old email.

So, if you wrote to me about something and I still haven't written back I lost your email.  Please resend it to me!

Another praise report is about a Bible program I had.  It incorporated a Concordance and other study materials in with the Bible.  It wouldn't work on my new computer for some reason.

That bummed me out because it was a really nice program.  I figured I'd have to go out and buy an expensive program to replace it.  When I went to get a new keyboard (My new laptop doesn't have the ps2 port, or whatever it is called, for a keyboard.  I needed a usb keyboard.) I saw a rack of $9.99 programs.  There was a Bible one there.  It had a different name than my other one, but it looked like it might have what I needed.

When I installed it I found out that it was the exact same program only with upgrades!!  God gave me back what I had lost only better.... and for only $9.99!

Boy, oh boy, summer has come with a vengeance.  The weather stayed relatively cool the beginning of summer and it has now slammed us with hot hot hot weather.  My poor husband has been frying himself.  He spent the weekend working on fixing our leaky patio roof.  You may remember when I told you about me emptying all the rain water out of the buckets I had lined up on the patio.  It was awful.  That patio leaked like a sieve.

So, now he has extended the covered portion of our patio and is re-roofing it all.  He bought lots of roofing tar and is making sure it will never leak again.  He kept running into problems and the job took a lot longer than he had expected.  He still has another day's work to do before it is done.  Then, we are going to have to paint the underneath part.

I got a bunch of things done while I had no computer.  I spent the time when I usually was working on the computer and cleaned out some closets, washed windows, re-organized the garage, and caught up putting pictures in picture albums.

I was a couple of years behind on my picture albums.  It takes me a long time to get them caught up because I like to flip through them all while I'm working on them.

My oldest son brought me all his pictures he took over the years because he scanned all them and didn't need them any more.  I filled a whole separate album with his pictures.  It was fun to see his viewpoint.  He was taking pictures at some of the same events where I was taking pictures.  He got a lot of shots that I didn't think to take.  It took a while to get them all in the albums but I had fun doing it.

I pulled out my sewing machine this morning.  We have to take my son's iguana to the vet and I have to sew him a harness.  I was using a cat harness and it was great except for two things.  One part had to slip over his head and one of his legs.  He didn't like that.  Then the little buckle was so tiny that I couldn't always unsnap it and had to struggle with it.  He didn't like that either.

The last time I took it off of him he freaked out.  He started doing barrel rolls and running around.  The harness was only half off of him and I was afraid he'd catch a toe or foot in it and hurt himself.

I ended up cutting it off of him.  Now I have some wider strap wtih bigger buckles that I got off of a rolled up blanket I bought.  I just need to do a few modifications and I think it will be perfect.

While I have my machine out I need to finish up the pile of mending that has accumulated.  I haven't sewn anything since a year ago.  So, the whole pile is sitting next to me and calling to me.... "Sew meeee!  Sew meeee!"  Can you hear it?

So, I will do the Bible study and get this online.  I'm sure glad to be back!  Remember, send me another email if I lost your letter in my computer's crash.

Link to the 7/19/05 Bible study.
July 27, 2005

Whoooey, has it been hot!  The humidity has been higher than we normally get and that has just made it miserable.  I guess a lot of places are getting unusually hot weather, too.

Well, we had a crazy wet winter, a long cool spring, and now we are having an extra-hot and humid summer.  I'm hoping it cools down soon because next week we are going on vacation to the Colorado River.  Whenever it is hot and humid here it is way more hot and humid there.

I'm really looking forward to this vacation.  I need some time where I can turn off my brain.

I've been getting ready.  I hope I can be all ready a day ahead of schedule.  That would be nice.  Then I will be able to relax immediately instead of having to wind down first.

We will be at the same campground that we were at last year.  They have wireless Internet there so I will be able to update this from there!

I've got some projects for the Clarion Call that I want to work on while I'm there.  Speaking of which... have you seen the new graphics on the menu and the entry pages?   I used the eagle picture that my friend, Sue, took and had to upgrade the background and other graphics to do it justice.

I enjoy playing around with graphics.  I want everyone's experience here to be complete... spiritual as well as visual.

I still have my sewing machine out.  I caught up on most of my mending.  I also made a new ski flag, a bag for our beach umbrella, and re-covered a cot.  I have a few more bags for some of our camping tables that I want to make, but my husband has to get them down and bring them in the house so I can make the bags the right size.

Every year I think of better ways to store and carry our camping stuff.  I keep thinking I have it the best it can be and then I think of a better way.  Why don't I just stop thinking?  Each time I think of something it makes more work for me!!

As I ponder the fact that this is the end of July already I get a nagging feeling that I haven't accomplished anything this year.  I wanted to finish painting our barn and I wanted to improve the look of the plants in our yard.  I have done neither.

My poor body has gone from out of shape to no shape at all.  I huff and puff when I run across my back yard with our dogs.

Yet, when I sit still and review what I did each month I can see where my time went.  So, I did get many things accomplished, but not the things on my list.  I completed things that were on the lists of other people who needed my help.  So, if God wanted me doing those things then so be it.

Two days ago, when I realized a large job I had been working on was completed, I forced myself to take the time to go out in the garage and exercise.  I got back on my Ab-Scissor machine and am doing the routine twice each morning with riding the exercise bike in between.

A long time ago, when I was young and ignorant to what happens to older bodies, I promised myself I would never allow myself to get into such bad shape that I would look like I was pregnant when I wasn't.  Well.... I'd say this "baby" is about five or six months along and I am determined that it is going to GO!!  Since I quit using the Ab-Scissor last I kept telling myself I didn't want to go out and do it unless I had the time to do a full workout.   One session on it is only four minutes, with half the time as stretching, but I wanted to ride the exercise bike as well so I just didn't do either since I didn't have that much time or energy.

Well, the other projects and jobs that came along required my attention in the mornings.  That was the time I have the most energy.  So, I just quit exercising.  I was a little stressed out over some of the things I was doing so I ate too much, too.  Wouldn't you know it!  Whenever I get that kind of pressure I either under-eat or over-eat.  This time it was over-eat.  Figures.

All right, now you know.  Once again I have confessed about my lack of taking care of my "temple".  (1Cor 6:19)  Next time I talk to you my temple will be a little stronger and healthier.  Yay!!

I have to go grocery shopping today.  My son's iguana needs more veggies and fruits and so do we.  My dinners are getting lopsided because I don't have enough things for side dishes.  Dinner last night tasted good, but it sure looked dumb.  We had stuffed bell peppers, a peach off our peach tree, and a slice of bread.  Two rolling things and a flat thing.  LOL!

I also have to go to the sporting goods store.  Someone gave us an old ping pong table and we need paddles and balls.  What a blessing.  I've wanted to get a ping pong table for about a year now.  The ones we can afford are not well made and will crash under the weight of my "men".

Now our patio is larger since my husband extended the covered roof area and we have the room for the table.  Our friend, out of the blue, calls and asks if we'd like a free ping pong table!  WOW!  YES!  PRAISE GOD!

OK, 'nuff about that.  On to the Bible study!

Link to the 7/27/05 Bible study.

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