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3/10/11 March 10, 2011
March 10, 2011

Wow!  I got way behind on my email.  I'm all caught up as of this morning.  I'm going to try to do better.  It's pretty embarrassing to reply to a months-old email when the person probably forgot they wrote to you in the first place.

I want to reply right away but sometimes it isn't possible.  Some emails require that I be all prayed up and others require a little research on my part.

The neat thing is that over and over I hear from people that my late response came in a much better time frame than if I had answered right away.  God knows what they are needing at the time and helps me to say the right things.

I've been able to go to yard sales with my friend a couple of weekends.  I'm always on the lookout for antiques.  I have a collection of different kinds of things.  I don't plan on selling them, just looking at them.

In my kitchen I have old spice containers, food containers, and old pots and pans up on a shelf.  I am short on storage so I keep my cookie cutters and some other things in the bigger containers.  In the smaller canning jars and containers I can keep birthday candles, balloons, and smaller things. 

In the living room I have a collection of old cameras, an old typewriter, old toys, and more.  They are on top of our entertainment center.  In the family room we have floor to ceiling bookshelves and I display some things in there.

Some of the things go outside on our barn and in our saloon.

One day my husband went with me and he found a like-new fishing reel that cost him $3.00.  When we got home I looked it up and it was worth over $400.00!

Now I need to have a yard sale to sell things to make room so I can buy more things!
Smiling face

Actually, I've been getting rid of some things that no longer have meaning for me.  I used to collect koalas.  Now I have limited my collection to just a few special pieces instead of collecting any koala I see.  I'm getting more selective.

The thing I enjoy most about going to yard sales is the fellowship.  I don't go by myself.  I go with my husband or I go with my best friend.  Even if we don't find anything we have fun just being together.
I think that some of you have ideas for things you are supposed to share here at the Clarion Call.

We need more devotionals.  We need more testimonies.  Everyone can always use more humor since laughing is therapeutic!  Don't hang on to those things that will bless others!  That's selfish!

We need more talents, too!  Are you an artist or graphics artist?  (Those are two different things, aren't they?)  Sometimes we need special pictures to go along with things.

One of the things the Clarion Call is designed to do is to bring the Body of Christ closer together.  So many people are feeling all alone because their church, their relatives, and their friends might not understand what God is doing in their lives.  That's where we come in.  When someone searches on the Internet for like-minded people so they can learn more about God, their gifts, their job in the Body, or other similar things then maybe they are supposed to be finding what you submitted to the Clarion Call.

What?  You haven't submitted it yet?  How is anyone supposed to find it?  If God gave it to you to share then what's the hold-up?

On the other hand, maybe you have the job of praying for us.  I'm a firm believer that some things need to be prayed through and, when the people responsible for praying aren't praying, then God backs off.  We need to be tuning in to God to see if He has something we should be doing.
I've been busy this week adding more things here.  Check out the list of new things.  Our new section, Eutychus Shares, is going to be getting more items.  Billye Jeane, our wonderful writer of the Jewish Insights section is coming back to bless us some more!

I added a silly thing that I did a long long time ago when I was first starting my own web page.  I made a virtual home.  It was over at the free site I had first for many years and then, when they quit being free, I saved it until this last week when I loaded it up here.  It's just something silly.

Silly is OK if it gives people a smile.  After all, "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine...."  Prov 17:22
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