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11/4/03 November 4, 2003
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11/18/03 November 18, 2003
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November 4, 2003

Praise God, the wildfires here in Southern California are not as bad as they were last week!  There are some still burning, but they are no longer threatening homes, at least not at this time.

God stepped in to help the situation.  The mountains near us got rain and snow.  I don't remember the last time that they got snow in October.  Especially only one week after the temperatures had been 100 degrees!

We even had a couple of earthquakes last week.  My friend and I were assessing the fire, temperature fluctuations, snow, and earthquake situation.  We came to the conclusion that Steven Spielberg and Candid Camera have joined forces and are featuring Southern California in their production!

My friends have been allowed to go back to their home, which is in a community that the fire went around.  Why was their community spared and others ravaged?  I don't know.  Once again it brings to mind the question, "Why does God allow evil?"

Now that the ash has quit falling I can clean the house, garage, and yard.  I was able to keep the house fairly clean by making everyone go in and out through the garage.

When we were hearing that there were fires close to our house I boxed up important papers, home videos, my pictures, etc. and had them ready to grab and run if necessary.  Now I can put them away.  However, I am going to rethink where I will keep them.  Certain things should be kept together and handy.

If I do that then I won't ever have to think about it again because nothing will happen to cause me to need to grab them.  I'm applying what I call the "Bathtub Principle" to this situation.  A long time ago I discovered that there is a way to influence how things happen.  The reason I call it the Bathtub Principle is I discovered how to make my phone ring if I was waiting for a special phone call.  Can you guess what it was?  YUP!  I just took a bath and RING RING RING!  (This was prior to cordless phones, so I had to jump out of the tub to answer the phone.)

This principle also applies in other ways.  For example, by being prepared to evacuate in case of a wildfire, there won't ever be another fire threatening our home!  Get it?

LOL!!!!  Just kidding!  There really is no such thing as the Bathtub Principle.  I just made it up.

Remember when I told you I was walking and riding my bike regularly?  Well, once the fires started filling the air with toxic smoke I had to stay indoors.  Yesterday I took my dogs for a long walk.  The good news is that the weather has cooled off so I don't have to go first thing in the morning.  I was having to be very careful to dodge all the cars taking off to go to work since the sun was low in the sky and I wasn't sure if they could see me.

So, once again, I am working on getting into better shape.

I've been working in my computer/craft/sewing room.  Could you tell?  I'm no longer facing west as I am typing this, but am facing south.  LOL!  I turned my computer desk.

Over the weekend I was reminded of the need to have a guest bedroom.  A young lady was staying with us for a couple of days.  She had to evacuate her home in the mountains when the fires started and has been staying with friends.  She had to sleep on the couch in the living room.  I could have offered her my camper, but I had already offered it to our other friends who also had been evacuated.  I wasn't sure how long the young lady would stay with us and didn't want to tie up the camper if our other friends decided to take me up on my offer.

Anyway, I had a large piece of furniture, kind of a desk/bookshelf combination, in here that took up too much space.  So, I got it out of here and made more room.  The bad thing is that all the things that were on the bookshelf need a new resting place.  I was able to stuff things into nooks and crannies, but need a better solution.  Today I'm going to Ikea, a furniture store that specializes in Scandinavian furniture.  They usually have some very creative and inexpensive storage solutions there.  Then, I need to find a comfortable fold up bed.  (Oh yes, and a place to put that bed when we aren't using it.... oh dear it just never ends, does it?) 

Link to the 11/4/03 Bible study.

November 12, 2003

Well, my computer-sewing-craft-guest room is done.  How do you like it?  Oh, that's right, you can't see me.

Isn't it funny how we make friends on the Internet and usually never get the chance to go to breakfast together, have a cup of coffee together, go for a walk together, bring in each other's mail when they are on vacation, or even see each other?  Imagine how our great grandparents would have fallen out of their rocking chairs listening to us trying to explain this.

I spent three days at my mom's house last week.  I want to be able to go visit her more often, but it seems like something always comes up to stop me.  I would like to go once a month for a couple of days.  I went about six months without seeing her because every time I tried to schedule a visit I got sick.  I didn't want to share my germs.

Perhaps I should clone myself.  As a matter of fact, I should clone myself about four times and that way maybe I will get everything done that I want to get done.  I could have an outside Kay, an inside Kay, a cook/maid Kay, and I could have a help the other Kays Kay.  Wonder if they'd all get along.

I'm trying to think of why I didn't get this updated yesterday or Monday.  Oh, yes, I knew the scripture I was going to use for the Bible study, but the study itself was not coming together.  So, I couldn't very well give you just the scripture.... or could I?  Hmmm....

"Here's this week's Bible study.  It's a do-it-yourself!"  LOL!

I can't get my scanner to work.  I don't know if it is dead or if there is something wrong in the programming.  I have it hooked to our old computer because it isn't Windows XP compatible.  The printer works, which is tied in to the same connection so I know it isn't the connection.

I want to put together a picture album to put online, but can't finish until I get the scanner working.  My my, isn't it always something? 

Link to the 11/12/03 Bible study.

November 18, 2003

Football season is over for my husband's team.  What a horrible season they had.  Tomorrow night the coaches are meeting with the parents.  There are a few parents who seem to think that the coaches need to be fired.  The head coach and my husband have been there over 15 years.  Just because it was a losing season doesn't mean they are all of a sudden bad coaches!  The meeting should be interesting. 

This is terrible.  I know what the Bible study is going to be, but I can't remember any of the things I was going to share with you in the welcome message.  I'm going to have to keep a list somewhere.  Then I will have to add the location of that list to my list of locations where I keep my lists.  Just kidding!  I know where I keep my lists.

It becomes necessary for me to write down more and more information as my storage compartments in my brain seem to be getting full.  Actually, it is no wonder.  There is an awful lot more to remember each year that goes by.  For example, I'm in charge of programming all our electronic devices and each one works differently.  That takes up a lot of space in my brain.  Just remembering where I keep all the "how to" books takes up valuable space, too!  It's not going to get any better, either!

Hmmmm.... I wonder if I pull hard on my ears if it will make my head bigger which will give my brain more room.  LOL!

Our friend came over to help my son build a new home for his iguana.  It will look  nice when it is done.  Our friend is a woodworker and does really nice work.  He's the one who orchestrated the building of our barn.  What is really neat is he is creative.  When he and my husband get their heads together to build something, watch out!

The good thing about the iguana habitat is that I drew up blueprints with actual measurements.  So, even if he gets creative with my blueprints I know it will still fit in my son's room.  As a matter of fact, they are having to build it in parts that can be assembled in my son's room since it won't fit through the door.

I'll try to remember to take a picture of it when it is done so you can see it.  I will take a picture of our barn, too, when I get it all painted.

God's been reminding me lately that I am more than just a teacher here at the Clarion Call.  More importantly, I am a student.  The things He teaches me I need to absorb and use and not just pass them on to you.

He gave me a very inquisitive and factual mind.  I get curious about things and begin making lists and charts.  (You've probably viewed some of them here at the Clarion.)  Rather than remember particular details like names, dates, and what verse and chapter something is in, I remember overall ideas of things.  When it comes to the details I have to use my reference books to find them.  However, when I put a bunch of facts into a chart then I can glean the overall results.  For example, I can tell you that Noah was still alive when Abraham was born but I would have to look at my chart to know exactly how old he was and how much longer he lived afterwards.

Instead of setting each study online and being done with them, I need to meditate on them for at least a few more days.  I need to make sure that I don't let those things slide on by without getting a good grip on them.

This week's study was wonderful for me.  It's one I'm going to use all the time.  I hope you get as big a blessing out of it as I did! 

Link to the 11/18/03 Bible study.

November 24, 2003

I beat myself up on Saturday.  I sanded the new cage for my son's iguana.  It isn't really a cage, it's more like a WALK-IN CLOSET!  It is HUGE!  His poor iguana has outgrown his previous home.  This one has 2x4's running through it so he can climb around.  It has windows.  It will have warming areas.  I'm going to paint the inside with tree-like colors.  It's really going to be something.

Our friend came over to help us build it.  I sent him the "blueprints" that I had made and asked if he'd like to help us build it.  It took four days for my son and him to build it.  So far we didn't have to buy anything to build it except more screws.  They were able to use left over wood from building our barn.

On Saturday the wind was blowing very hard and I was sanding the "iguana habitat."  My right shoulder is worn out and my hands took a beating.  Refilling the sandpaper in the little sander took skin off my fingers.  The wind kept blowing sawdust in my eyes.  My eyes are still recovering.

Today my son is going to help me finish taking it apart so I can start painting it.  We need to hurry and get it done because the poor iguana's old home has been partially disassembled to make the new one.  Hopefully we will have him in there by Friday.

If you email me and I don't answer for a few days, think of me kindly as I am slaving away over a LIZARD habitat!  It's only mother's love that motivates me at this moment.

When I'm done with that I need to give my house another cleaning.  The winds blew a lot of ash from last month's fires.  I have a coating of black all over the place.  I really should do that first... but I feel sorry for the lizard.

Hmmm.... maybe I will let him finish this and I can get started now.

Iguana typing on computer keyboard

I added more names to the list I made of the Names of God.  I skimmed over all the Psalms.  That's where the most names and attributes are.

I'm going back through and reading the Psalms more slowly.  They are so beautiful.  That was the first thing I did after I had my "Big Wow," read the Psalms.  (The day God sat me down and let me know that I could hear His voice is the short description of what my Big Wow was.)

After God and I had a long long conversation (for the first time in my life He did most of the talking and I just listened rather than the other way around) I immediately thought of King David.  He had a very special relationship with God and many of the Psalms are conversations that David had with God.  I wanted to compare what David knew about God to what God had shown me.  I wanted to learn more about having conversations with God.  I wanted to learn from David's experiences.

I'm looking forward to gleaning more goodies out of the Psalms.  You may find the next few week's Bible studies come out of there. 

My in-laws ended up not coming this weekend.  My mother-in-law's sister died and she went back east to the funeral. 

So, there is now something else I need to do.  I need to go out to the barn and diagram the inside of it and send my father-in-law the specs of where we want electrical plugs, switches, etc.  That way he can tell my husband what supplies to have on hand when he is finally able to come wire it.  Then, if he can only spend one day, they can finish it.

The reason there is a slight urgency to the wiring of the barn is because my in-laws are moving farther away at the beginning of the year.  It may end up being too difficult for my father-in-law to come help once they are far away and concentrating on their new home.

Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the United States.  I heard a commercial on TV that called it "Turkey Day."  No, it isn't turkey day.  It is Thanksgiving.  Thanks-giving, as in GIVING THANKS!

It is time to reflect on all the things that God has given us.  I don't just mean possessions, either.  I mean things like LOVE, and PROTECTION, and SALVATION, and JESUS, and MERCY, and GRACE, and and and.... 

Are you getting together with unbelievers on Thursday?  Good!  The door has already been cracked open for you to witness.  The day is called Thanksgiving (look at your calendar).  It is perfectly acceptable to ask everyone what they are thankful for and to share your own list.  As you hear the lists of things you will know that it is only because there is a God that anyone can have anything for which to be thankful.  Probably, without saying much of anything about God, you will see that He becomes a central "theme" for the celebration.

Hmmm.... theme.  Is that another name for God?  (Just kidding.) 

Link to the 11/24/03 Bible study.

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