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October 5, 2009

Wow, long time, no see!  My sabbatical is finally over!  It has been a long time coming!

There are a lot of things to catch up on so there will probably be quite a few additions here at the Clarion Call.  I'll probably even have to do a separate page to fill you in on the three year gap in my crazy life.

Any of you that were following the happenings prior to my sabbatical will soon see a "moral to the story" in the near future.  In the meantime I'm just starting back up with the weekly Bible studies with these welcome messages.

I wanted so badly to come back to doing the Bible studies but couldn't.  If I couldn't be sure that God was approving them then they would be worthless.  It has been over the past couple of months that I've finally felt comfortable in knowing whether or not God is approving of what I do and say.

I've found that, when I have been preparing to come back to the Clarion Call, my life came under attack big time.  That was another reason I knew it was time.  If I was going to be doing anything to hinder the Body of Christ then the enemy wouldn't be bothering me.

I have missed fellowshipping with you.  I'm not around many Christians in my daily life.  You are my "church" since we still haven't been able to find one that seeks God's will.

Please feel free to write to me.  I'm going to be checking my email more often.  If you wrote to me years ago then check to make sure you have my current email address on the contact page.

Clarion Call now has a Facebook page so you can chat about things with other people as well.
I'll catch you up with the most current things happening here.  I have a new baby kitten.  I also have a two year old cat.  You can see their pictures here.  I was without any cats for a while after Reeboks died.  Rudi was a tiny kitten and walked up to my son at a party.

We got a baby sister for Rudi in May.  She died last month.  It was heartbreaking.  Her picture is in the memorial area of the pets page.

I started my own web design business.  I figured I might as well see if I could make money doing what I like to do.  I have a few clients.  You can see what I've done on the clients page at Kay's Heavenly Web Design.

I haven't made much money yet because I have done pages in exchange for services.  The ones that I actually get paid for don't seem to want to update their sites, so they don't provide ongoing income.  Oh well.  More will come.

That's enough for now.  I would like to go on and on to fill you in, but I won't.  Aren't you glad?  You're welcome.
Link to the 10/5/09 Bible study.
October 15, 2009

Good grief!  I started on the welcome message this morning and took a break to clean up the kitchen.  When I came back my computer had restarted and I lost everything.  Apparently there was some sort of computer update that required a restart.  I had hit the "postpone" button earlier but it decided that it knew better than I.

So, what had I been saying?  Must not have been important.

Last weekend we were in Calico Ghost Town.  My husband's old west reenactment group, Guns and Garters, was performing.  I'm the webmaster and photographer for the team.  We took our camper.  It was fun.  Calico had a TV commercial that featured members from the team.  It's on Youtube.  You can see my husband playing the piano at the very beginning (pretending to play, that is).

I've been working on cleaning up the web pages here for the past few months.  As browsers change the codes behind the scenes on web pages have to keep up.  My old web page programs left behind some incorrect codes as well.

I keep finding more things that need to be corrected.  There's a lot of pages here.  I've been wanting to write a synopsis of what's been going on since I started my sabbatical in 2006 as well as an article detailing my spiritual adventure during that time.  Each time I think I can get them done I find more things that need fixing.

You'll just have to be patient.  Well, you can be impatient if you like.  It's not going to get it done any faster and you might get ulcers.

If you want a little taste of some of the bad things that have happened I put together a warning to others about companies and their business practices here.

Like I was saying last week, Clarion Call is on Facebook.  Anybody interested in doing a discussion on something?  I have an idea.  Anyone have the daily devotional "My Utmost for His Highest"?  We could discuss each day's devotional and share how it touches us.  Let me know if you are interested.
My baby, Casey, is fixing dinner for us tonight.  Well, he is my baby even though he's 25.  He is working part time at an Italian restaurant and they have a great stuffed pepper dish.  He's fixing it for us.  I hope he cleans up the kitchen when he's done.

Casey and his girlfriend, Aimee, were joining us for a weekly family game night.  Casey would fix dinner and we'd play games.  Now Casey is working two jobs and Aimee is working into the early evenings.  So, that messed up our family night.

They are talking long term commitment and that is exciting for me.  I love Aimee a lot and would be thrilled to have her for my daughter-in-law.

I found out that, when I was dating my husband, his Mom refused to talk about me.  She liked me but wouldn't tell him.  She felt like he never liked the things she liked so she was afraid to tell him that she liked me.  She thought he might break up with me because of it.

I made friends with some of my son Jeremy's girlfriends.  It made him mad because I still wanted to be friends with them after they broke up.  Maybe I should do like my mother-in-law and hold off until they get married.  That way nobody gets hurt.  Of course, holding back emotions might create the image that you don't like someone.  So, future relationships could be impaired because of it.  Boy, oh boy, where is the manual for life?  I need some direction. 

Hang on, I have the manual.... it's the Bible!  I know what to do now.  It's all about love.  I'll continue to demonstrate love.  Any fallout is God's responsibility!
Link to the 10/15/09 Bible study.
October 21, 2009

Wow, time is just flying by!  What did I do this last week?  Hmmm....

I spent a lot of time cleaning up more web pages here.  Every time I thought I'd done enough to make things looks good I'd find more problems.  People probably thought I was cross-eyed the way I had things lined up crooked.  Some of the pages had everything from teeny tiny print to giant print.  Not very professional!

It feels good to know I've been getting them cleaned up.  I knew there were problems but was procrastinating tackling the job because I knew it was very big.

Saturday I went with my husband while he robbed a stagecoach over and over and over.  Well, members of his group, Guns and Garters, were hired to rob it.  I went along to take pictures for their web page.

I wish I would have known where it was going to be so I could have taken mosquito repellent.  There were GAZZILIONS of mosquitoes!!  We were next to a protected wetland area.  Fortunately I was able to cover up most of my body but my face and hands took a beating.  It was awful.

I wore myself out flapping my hands in front of my face for three hours.  The bad news:  when I'd stop moving to take pictures then they would attack.  The good news:  I probably burned off some calories flapping my hands.

Isn't it interesting how web pages kind of seem to disappear?  I have half a billion bookmarks I've collected.  It's so disappointing when I go back to them and the sites are gone.  It's not just individuals but businesses and government sites as well.

I guess they don't care about people.  One big company that doesn't care is Yahoo.  They bought out Geocities, a place where people could get free web pages, a number of years ago.  Now they are closing down that area.

That was where the Weekly Word started in 1997.  There are a lot of places that have links to that page, which I kept updated weekly.  There are links and bookmarks that will be no good when it shuts down.  Shame on them!  It's all about money any more.  Too bad.

My new kitten is name Precious and precious she certainly is!  She's trying to walk on my keyboard as I'm typing.  Maybe I'm not saying enough good things about her and she wants to help.

It was very hard to lose my other kitten, Princess, last month.  She was only six months old.  My other cat, Rudi, was looking all over the house for her.  It made me cry all over again to watch him.

I was furious with my vet.  We had been taking our pets there since 1985.  No more.  I put a description of what happened in my "bad business practices" area.  That's where I let people know about companies that aren't nice.

I got another kitten sooner than I normally would have.  It took about a week before I was able to enjoy Precious for who she was and not compare her to Princess.  But now she is her "own person" and I love everything about her.

She is a blessing to me and to Rudi.  He's a good big brother except when he wants to play too rough with her.  When they play nice together it is so much fun to watch them.  I might put some more pictures on the pets page.  I've been taking a lot.  I didn't get enough of Princess.  I didn't know I was going to lose her.

I just put a new picture of Rudi and Precious loving on each other in my photo album.
  Anybody want to discuss the Bible study at the Clarion Call Facebook page?  Anybody have any prayer requests?  Put them on the "notes" tab at Facebook.  Anybody an intercessor?  Keep watch for prayer requests there so you can pray over them.

By the way, this won't get updated next week.  I'm going to visit my in-laws on Saturday for a week.  I'll be taking my computer but they don't have internet.  In the past I was able to get online off and on through an unsecured wireless belonging to one of their neighbors, but that wasn't dependable.  I'm hoping to catch up on those things I've told you I'll be writing.  Then we'll be all caught up and not looking back!!  Yee haw!
Link to the 10/21/09 Bible study.

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