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April 1, 2005

Last Saturday my "baby" turned 21!  Where, oh where, has the time gone?  In my head I'm still in my twenties!

Well, not really.  More like my thirties.  Well, not really.  What difference does it make?  I'm too young to have sons that old! 
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I think we started a new Easter tradition yesterday.  After we got home from church we set up our new croquet game and played some Easter Bonnet Croquet.

It was my son, Jeremy's, idea.  The croquet game was my idea, but the Easter bonnets were his idea.  So, we all had to wear "lovely" hats.

Mine was easy.  A woman in our Sunday School class made silk flower corsages for the women in our class.  I pinned mine to a hat and wore that.  I took some plastic leis and wrapped them around my husband's floppy hat for him.  Jeremy likes Nascar and tied some figurines and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. stuff to a Nascar baseball cap.  Casey wore a baseball cap that said "Party Girls" and had a silly, flipped up brim.

While we were playing someone came to buy Casey's car that had been stolen and wrecked on a fire hydrant.  Everyone took off their "lovely" bonnets except me when they went in the front yard.  I wonder why.  Bunch of chicken-heads.

We were trying to play according to the written rules that were included with the game.  None of us knew that, if only two were playing, that you were supposed to use four or six balls between the two of you.  Did you?  It got confusing because we had to remember which balls had gone through the wickets and which hadn't.  We all had fun, though.  I think. 

I feel better this week, but still haven't gotten completely over my cold.  For a while I thought I would have to go to the doctor.

I still don't have all my energy.  Once I get it back I'll be using it up because there are all sorts of things around this house and yard that are needing my attention.  I've hardly done anything outside except kill weeds.  At least that is a step in the right direction.

I need to get my garden cleaned out so I can get some tomatoes planted.  Fresh tomatoes are sooooo good!

I still have a lot of painting and decorating to do to the barn.  We were thinking about having a barn-warming party this spring.  With all the rain delays I wonder if I will be able to get it done by the end of summer.  It may not be until next spring... or summer!

Priorities.  It's all about setting priorities, isn't it? 

Do you remember when I was telling you about the letter I got two weeks ago that was full of lies about me?  If not, you can read about it here.

Anyway, things just went a little crazy after I got it.  The board member who wrote it got everyone else so confused they didn't know what to do.  In the meantime, all of the business needing to be transacted by our homeowner association came to a standstill.  No bills could be paid, no decisions could be made, and no meetings were being held.

God gave me a peace about it.  He had a plan!  It was a GREAT plan, too!  The man that wrote the letter put his house up for sale after that and it is sold already!  Poof!  He's outta here!

Now all the rest of us Board members have to do is to clean up the messes that the man made when he went knocking on people's doors spreading lies about us.

Isn't it amazing how we see a giant wall when we confront a problem and go crazy trying to figure out how to take it down?  All the while God is in motion and has a "wall eraser" in His capable hand.  Silly us!

Have you ever watched the show, Extreme Makeover, Home Edition?  That's where they build a deserving family a new house in a week.  That is the one TV show that I make a point to watch.  Actually, that is the night that we have our bowling league so I tape it to watch it when I get home.

What a wonderful thing, to help out in an area where people cannot help themselves!  Think how wonderful the world would be if we all had the mindset that we would help where help was needed.

Usually, all of us need help at some time in our life.  Then, on the other hand, all of us are in the position of being able to help someone at some time, too.

The thought just popped into my mind, if everyone had a "helping" mindset then those people that do help won't be so overburdened.  As someone who has volunteered her time to various organizations over the years I noticed it was the same people volunteering their time, over and over.

We all have some talent of some kind that can help others.

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April 15, 2005

Why why why why do weird things happen to my family?

There is a man who lives two doors down.  He owns a bunch of off-road vehicles.  One of them is a big dune buggy.  Last year the man was driving it up and down our street at about 90 miles per hour.  I tried to signal him as he drove by to tell him to slow down but he ignored me.  I stepped out into the middle of the street and held my hand out in front of me to tell him to stop.

He pulled up next to me and I proceeded to tell him that there was a speed limit and he needed to slow down.  My son, Jeremy, came out with me.  The man got belligerent and said he was only testing it.  I told him not to test it faster than the speed limit.

He said some not nice things and basically told us that he would drive it as fast as he wanted.  Jeremy told him that he would call the Sheriff and the man told him to go ahead and call.  Then he revved up his engine and took off toward his house.  The back tires left a black mark in the street and, as he moved forward, those tires slid sideways and almost hit me.

So, Jeremy called and the Sheriff's Department told Jeremy that they wouldn't do anything about it because it would just be our word against his.  They said they would have to see it happening before they would do anything.

Sunday night Jeremy was home alone and he saw that same dune buggy flying up and down the street.  He went out to signal the guy to slow down and the man came into our yard and tried to beat up my son!  He grabbed Jeremy by the neck but Jeremy was able to move fast enough that the man didn't hurt him.

Jeremy had the phone in his hand and called 911.  The operator was on the phone with him while all this was taking place.  A sheriff came out 45 minutes later!  He went down to the man's house but the man lied and said the dune buggy never left his driveway.  So, nothing happened to him even though the 911 operator was a witness to the sounds of the fight!  The sheriff looked at the red mark on Jeremy's neck and said that he couldn't get a good picture of it.

It's amazing how awful people can be!  What's so sad is that there is no punishment for lying and for doing things wrong that aren't observed by the law enforcement!  So, they get away with it.  Right?

WRONG!  God sees.  It only seems like they are getting away with it.  Just as we have to answer for everything we do, so do they!

Last week my husband was home on spring break (he's a teacher).  So, my normal schedule, if I have a normal schedule, was messed up.  I sat down to work on this at least 20 times, but didn't accomplish much.  Things kept popping up that needed my attention.  This Bible study is rather tricky to put into words, too.

I've started the Bible study and gone back to it a number of times but don't get very far.  I'm waiting for God to fill me with the words that will help everyone understand the concept.

I have all sorts of things happening that are trying to bog me down.  That darn insurance company that is harassing my son is beginning to get really annoying.  Now they are trying to say my son already had a cast on his hand prior to when he got rear-ended by their insured!  How do you cast a hand that is already casted?  YOU DON'T!

I did more research on that company and found all sorts of awful things about them.  As long as that insurance company is allowed to continue to write insurance then they will probably continue to treat people badly.

In order to make it easier for people to fight against their unethical practices I put together a web page about them:  Coast National Insurance, a Division of Bristol West.

I must must must go to the grocery store this morning!  We are out of all sorts of things.  I can't put it off any longer.  It has to be today!  It has to be as soon as I'm done with this because the cat food is gone and they will be wanting their lunch around 11:00.  (I have to feed the cats three times a day because Bug wants to eat eat eat and gets very fat.  So, instead of leaving kibble out all the time like I used to, I have to portion out the food.)

When I was sick my house got into a sad state of messiness.  I've been trying to plug away at that one room at a time.  It was pretty embarrassing.  It's a good thing you didn't come visit me!  I wouldn't have been able to let you in the front door!
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April 27, 2005

Yikes Yikes Yikes!

A week ago last Saturday I went through the ringer.  The man on our homeowner association Board of Directors that doesn't like me gave me a verbal beating at a supposed Board meeting.  It was amazing.  It was a roast and I was the main course!  Most everyone else pretty much just sat there and watched me get fried.

I was called a liar.  I was accused of having a hidden agenda.  I was accused of taking money.  I was accused of not liking people.  The list goes on and on.

Why?  Why was I singled out?  There was something about me that rubbed that man the wrong way, that's for sure!

New officers were chosen as he got his way in that area.  I was nominated as secretary again and declined.  I will be on the board and will make everyone else do more of the work from now on.  I guess the reason he was mad at me was we were making progress on things that he should have been making progress on in the past.  I was the one putting together the agendas and pulling together the paperwork and information we needed for the Board to make decisions.  So, since I was doing the footwork I guess it all turned into some kind of conspiracy against him in his mind.  Heck, I don't know what happened.  Ask him.  I don't think he knows, either.

The great news is that God is moving that mountain out of the way.  His house is sold and he will be moving very soon!

In the meantime, I had to make copies of the things I would need to continue working on trying to get our homeowner association out of it's big liability risk.  The county is offering to take over ownership of our common areas... nothing more than water run-off zones.  The property value on them is $zero.  We got stuck with them.  We can't build anything on them.  Anyway, this is our opportunity that the association has been waiting for since the homes were occupied.

Just in case the other board members don't realize how much of a giant opportunity that this is, I am making sure I have copies of the things I need to keep heading in that direction.

I also had to type up lists of the things that have been done so far from my notes.  I didn't realize how much work I had done on it until I started piecing everything together.  That way, someone else could take the ball and start running with it without having to start all over like we have done once already.

Fortunately the other board members haven't all been poisoned against me.

My son and husband bought me a nice desk chair for my birthday.  My son works at a company that manufactures executive-style chairs and other furniture.  Here's a quiz for you.  I'll tell you the name of his company and you figure out how to pronounce it.  It is Hjellegjerde.

The chair has a high back and it reclines.  It is wonderful!

You should have seen me when I first got to see it.  I didn't even notice it.  My son told me to check my email.

So, I came in here, in a bit of a hurry since we were going to go outside and play croquet.  I walked past a footstool and in my mind I had the thought... that looks strange, it's different than the one that was in here.  I didn't examine it closely because I was in a hurry.  I just figured it was the one my son bought himself a couple weeks prior and someone moved it in this room.

I kept a rug on the seat of my old computer chair because it was wearing out.  They put the rug on my new one, so I didn't think about it.  I sat down and the chair was lower than my old one.  I just figured that, when my son sent me the email, he used my computer and lowered my chair to do it.

My youngest son followed me in here and he probably thought I was crazy.  He finally said, well?  Well, what?  Your chair...... 

My brain was saying, "Huh? What is he talking about?"  Then I looked at the arms on the chair and jumped up and noticed it was a new chair.  Oh my, I always thought I was an observant person!  Yikes!  I sure felt silly!

You pronounce the company Yelly yair day.  I never would have thought I'd see a word or a name with a "g" and a "j" next to each other.  They are from Norway.

Yay!  My youngest son finally got a car.  His last one was stolen and totaled when it was run on top of a fire hydrant.  He didn't have insurance to cover his own car so he couldn't get another right away.

My middle son still doesn't have a car because of that rotten insurance company Coast National.

My car is my truck and camper.  The only other car we have is a Ford Expedition.  I drive the big truck most of the time, but there are some parking lots that just won't accommodate it and I have to drive the Expedition.  My husband rides his bike to and from work but needs a car to go coach golf in the evenings.

So, we basically had one car among the four of us.  Most of the time my youngest son used it during the day to go to work.  If one of the other of us needed it we would have to take him to work and pick him up.  I was in charge of logistics... who needed the car at what time and how conflicting schedules could be worked out.

So, it is quite a relief to gain a vehicle.

It was from God to my son.  He was talking about buying a newer, way more expensive one, and I looked in the paper and found a 1977 Chevrolet Nova.  The price was very good.  I figured he would laugh at me when I told him about it since a Nova isn't exactly a "cool" car.  He went to look at it and bought it.

That car has very low mileage, the original upholstery and carpet is in good condition, the manual was in the glove box, the original spare was in the trunk along with some other original things, and it runs well.  The part that showed it was from God was there was a Bible in the glove box and a window shield in the trunk had John 3:16 written on it!

My son said he is going to drive that car like an old man would.  He's not going to push the engine and is going to try to preserve its condition.  It has so many original parts in good shape that he could invest some money in a paint job and some missing trim and it will become a classic.

I've been under some severe spiritual attacks lately.  They have been coming from all directions.

It is like I am wearing a bullet-proof vest (my spiritual armor).  I'm taking hits in the heart.  They are not penetrating my armor but they hurt all the same.  The impact is knocking me to my knees.

I'm not mortally wounded, but I am getting beat up.  The good news is that I am not defeated.  I am on the Rock.  My base is sure.

I am encouraged.  I must be doing things right or the enemy wouldn't be taking the time to mess with me.  So, I'm praising God that I'm worthy of the enemy's attention.

I've really had a rough time with this Bible study.  I've sat here at the computer over and over and over and didn't get any inspiration for the Bible study.  I had a glimmer of the topic, but it just wasn't coming into focus.  All I could do was keep updating this welcome message as things got too old to tell you.

I guess that means God wanted to leave the last one up longer, He was waiting for you to need the new one, or for whatever other reasons God might have in His infinite wisdom.  So, don't blame the delay on me... speak to Him about it!

I don't usually listen to the radio when I am in the house.  We don't get real great reception and I am usually moving around from room to room and inside to outside so I just don't listen.

When I am driving I listen to a local Christian radio station.  When I lose reception I listen to my Christian cd's.

I recently got high speed cable Internet and it just occurred to me... I can listen to my station when I am at the computer!

Want to listen to what I'm listening to?

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