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2:19 Signs and Wonders
3:2 Ministering to God
7:5 What Promises Are Yours?
7:45-46 God Uses Sinners
9:31 Walk in the Fear of the Lord
16:30 Opinions and Truth
17:11 Seek the Truth
17:26-27 New Beginnings
20:19 Humility
20:28-30 Warning! Warning!
27:3 Get Refreshed
16:4 Spiritual Ebb and Flow
27:11 God is So BIG!
5:13-14 One Accord
7:2 God's Glory
7:14 Seeking God's Face
7:16 The Temple of God
20:21 Official Praise Singers
1:8 Who is in Charge?
1:9 Spiritual Understanding
2:2-3 Choosing to Abide
2:2-4 Panning for Gold
2:6-7 Be Rooted in Christ
2:8 Beware of Traditions of Men
2:8 What Do You Think?
2:18-19 Is That All There Is?
3:1-2 What Do You Think About?
3:3 Holiness or Hindering?
3:23-24 Do Everything for God
4:2 Watch and Pray
4:5-6 Let God Speak Through You
1:26-27 Are You Moldable?
2:9-10 You've Never Seen Anything Like It
2:9 Understanding God
2:12-13 Obtaining Wisdom
2:12-13 Scriptural Proof or Spiritual Truth?
2:14 Spiritual Discernment
3:16 One Body
3:18 Put Your Brain Down
5:6 Good Leaven or Bad?
6:19 Physical Shape Affects Spiritual Shape
9:22 You Can Be Wrong While You Are Right
9:24-25 The Spiritual Olympics
10:4 A Firm Foundation
12:4-6 You Are Not a Mistake
12:6 You Are Important
12:14,20 A Mighty Force
12:26 Preventing Division
12:27 Your Job
12:27-28 What's Your Job?
13:9-10 A Special Study on the Gifts of the Spirit
14:2 Word Study: Tongues
14:12 Your Job is to Edify
14:12 The Body Can Take Action
14:26 When the Body Comes Together
14:33 Confusion & Division Aren't from God
3:3 You Are a Letter
3:5 You're NOT THAT great!
3:5-6 Spirit vs. Word
3:18 Is That Jesus in My Mirror?
4:6-7 Treasures in God
4:8-10 Squashed But Not Dead
6:3 Don't Offend When You Defend
10:3-5 What is in Your Mind?
10:5 Bring Your Thoughts Captive
10:5 Obedience to God's Will
12:9 Trusting God
6:3 Obtaining an Excellent Spirit
8:2-3 Humbly Follow
7:9 Anger Management
8:17 Moving Mountains
1:3 Why Do Trials Come?
1:17-19 Experience the Real God
2:6 We ARE in Heavenly Places!
2:13 As Near As Your Heart
3:16-21 Strengthened with MIGHT
3:20-21 Want Power?
4:1-3 Walk Worthy of Your Job
4:14 Don't Get Carried Away!
4:15-16 Body Parts
4:16 Who is Your Boss?
4:17 God's Opinions
4:23-24 Renew Your Mind
4:17 Change of Heart
5:17 Don't Be Unwise
5:17-20 God's Will #2
5:23 God's Will
6:7 Doing Things for God
6:10-17 Get God's Power
6:10 I'm NOT a Squashed Bug!
6:11 The Shield of Faith
6:11-12 Are You Being Used?
6:16 God's Virus Checker
6:18 Prayer Coverings
6:11-18 Using the Armor of God
6:13-17 Stand Firmly in What You Know
6:23 Word Study: Faith/Love Love/Faith
20:19 Keeping God at Arm's Length
34:14 His Name is Jealous

37:1-2 Rise to a Higher Level
1:10 Servant
5:1 Don't Go Back!
5:9 Is Something Rotten?
5:16 Walking in the Spirit
6:2 Bearing Burdens Makes Them Lighter
6:3 Are You Deceiving Yourself?
3:8 The Voice of God
7:15 Do Animals Go to Heaven?
28:10-17 Suluum Yaakov... Jacob's Ladder
35:14 Set Memorial Stones
3:13 Fellowship With Others
4:12 Take Up Your Sword
6:11-12 Don't Be a Slug
6:18 Promises You Can Believe
10:10 Remember Jesus
10:19 In God's Presence
10:23-24 Hold Fast
10:24-25 Assemble Together
11:1 Faith
11:1 Expect With Desire
11:6 Got Faith?
11:6 I Can Never Have Enough Faith
11:8 Can You Go Out Without Knowing Where?
12:1 Don't Bend
12:1 Having a Pity Party?
12:28-29 Serving God Acceptably
13:15 What Gift Can You Give God?
13:15 Be Thankful for Paper
2:14 Hope for the Unsaved
10:13 Get Plowed Under
9:6 God's Gift
9:7 The King
26:3-4 Want Perfect Peace?
29:13 Draw Closer to God
30:1 Whose Counsel Do You Take?

40:21-22 Your Opinion Doesn't Change God

40:31 Practice Waiting
41:10 Let God Hold Your Hand
42:9 God is Doing New Things
43:19 Open Your Eyes, Churches!
45:2-3 God Goes Before You
45:11 Destroy the Boxes of Understanding
54:17 No Fear
55:8-9 Bible "Scholars"
55:8-9 God's Thoughts
55:11 Word Study:  Word (of God)
58:1-2 Let God Choose
64:8 You Are the Work of God's Hand
1:6 Nothing Wavering, A Special Study
1:5-6 Faith is the Key
1:17 Allow God to Bless You
1:22 Are You a Doer?
2:16 What Does It Profit?
3:2 Where Shall I Start?
4:7 Beat It Satan!
4:10 Want to Be Lifted Up?
4:10 The World's Way or God's Way?
5:16 The Body Hurts
2:13 Forsaking God
9:13-16 Are We Doomed?
9:23 Are You Too Big for Your Britches?
17:7-8 Choose Wisely
29:13 Looking for God
26:14 We Must Be Confused
2:12-13 Turn to God
3:30 Less of Me
4:6 Are You Weary of Dong God's Will?
5:19 Knowing God's Will
5:38 Why Should the Word Abide in Us?
6:66 God's Word is Not Always Accepted
8:36 Word Study: Free
10:27 You Can Hear Him!
12:42-43 The Final Authority
13:15 Copying Jesus:  Yes or No?
13:35 Held to a Higher Standard
14:10 Speaking and Doing God's Will
14:12 Where Are the Greater Works?
14:16-17 He's Right Here!
14:27 Peace is Yours
14:27 Hurricanes Can Destroy You
14:27 We All Need Peace
15:1-2 Purging Hurts
15:4-5 Abiding
15:4-5 Abide in Jesus
15:8 Glorify God With Fruit
15:13 Laying Down Your Life
15:15 Who Is Your Best Friend?
15:16 Jesus Chose You
15:18-19 Not of This World
16:33 The War is Won!
16:33 Word Study: Overcomer
17:20-21 Oneness
17:22-23 God's Glory in Us
1:9 I'm Sinless!
2:5 It Boils Down to Love
2:9-10 It's All About Love
2:15-17 Don't Love the World
2:27 What is God's Opinion?
3:6 Submission to God
3:12 Pleasing People or Pleasing God?
3:13 Do People Hate You?
3:18 Doing the Impossible
3:18 Pure Love
4:10-11 Loving and Being Loved
4:12 Study Your Bible
5:4-5 Are You an Overcomer?
5:14-15 Asking in God's Will
Jonah A Special Study About Jonah
1:24-25 Coming Back to Square One
6:12 How Much Faith is Enough?
8:27 Things That Distract Us
15:4-5 Why Can't You Hear God?
17:5 Hiding Behind Rituals
12:28 Worshipping Golden Calves
19:11-12 Why Can't You Hear God?
22:7-8 We Can't Pick and Choose
5:9-11 Pre-Conceived Ideas
20:11 Are We Too Logical?
1:11-12 Are You Out of Order?
10:1 Are You Offering Strange Fire?
2:26 Careful Study
2:36-37 Serving God
9:23-25 Take Up Your Cross
10:42 What is Needful?

12:6-7 He IS!

12:28-32 Give to Receive
17:3 Always Forgive?

19:40 Believe It Or Not!

22:31 Sifting HURTS!
1:8 What Does God Require?
3:3 A Special Study on verse 3:3
2:27 A Day of Rest?
9:23-24  Not Enough Faith
10:27 All Things Are Possible
12:30 Just Do It!
12:31 Greatest Commandments
13:34-37 You're in Charge
16:16 You'd BetterBe Right!
2:4 Head Knowledge vs. Heart Knowledge
5:14 Let the Light Shine
5:37 To Be Honest With You....
5:44-45 God Wants You to Love
6:14 Make a Priority List
6:15 How Important is Forgiveness?
6:24 Money Makes the World Go Around
6:33 What's Bothering You?
7:14 Are You Going to Heaven?
7:25 No Matter What Happens
9:27-30 There Are No Limits
10:27 Shout from the Housetops!
10:38 Take Up Your Cross
11:28 Got Rest?
11:28-30 Need a Rest?
17:20 Help My Unbelief!
21:21 Faith is Knowing
22:37-39 Pleasing God
24:45-46 Are You a Faithful Servant?
6:8 What Does God Require?
7:8 You Can't Be Kept Down!
Prayer A Brief Study of How Nehemiah Prayed
Prayer A More Extensive Study of How Nehemiah Prayed
8:5 Respecting God's Word
9:3 The Word is ALIVE!
9:38 Our Covenants with God
1:7 The Trial of Your Faith
1:13-15 Be Holy
1:15 They Are Watching
1:16 A Call to Holiness
1:17-21 A Special Study
2:3 Experiencing God
2:5 Lively Stones
2:5 More Priestly Duties
2:9 Priestly Duties
3:1-4 Adorn Yourself
4:8 Have Fervent Charity
5:5-6 Humility Leads to Holiness
5:6-7 God Will Lift You Up
5:8 The Enemy Is Not Sleeping
5:10 Glory in Tribulations
5:10 Suffer a While
3:16-17 Unlearned in the Things of God


2:8 What Are Your Priorities?
2:14-15 Turn on the Light!
2:15 What Difference Do You Make?
3:8 We Must Surrender ALL
3:13-14 Spiritual Leap
3:15 Examine Your Sin
4:4-8 Want Peace?
4:8 Thoughts are Important
4:13 Our Strength
4:19 All Your Needs Supplied
3:5-6 Let God Direct Your Path
10:22 Giving and Getting
15:3 God Sees
15:13 Free Medicine
3:3 Do You Choose Defeat?
8:3-4 Who Am I?
16:8 I Shall Not Be Moved
17:5 Walking the Best Path
18:2 I Have a BAD Habit!
18:28 A Study on the Word of God
19:12-14 Secret Sins
19:14 Are You Doing Your Job?
22:1 It Isn't God Who Is Far Away
22:3 God Inhabits Praise
22:14-15 How Did Jesus Feel?
23 Special Studies on the 23rd Psalm
24 Special Studies on the 24th Psalm

24:1 Everything Is God's

25:5 Waiting is Not a Waste of Time
27:5 God Help Me!!
27:14 Wait on the Lord
31:3 Guidance
32:7 Thinking BIG!
33:8 God Deserves Respect
33:20 Christians Reflecting Jesus
34:3 Names of God
34:7 Angels Protect Us
34:7 God Provides Weapons
34:8-9 Taste Him for Yourself
37:4-5 God Will Give You What You Desire
37:23 Is Being Used a Bad Thing?
39:5 Will Your Works Burn?
40:1 Waiting Patiently
40:3 Climb from Praise to Praise
42:1 Drink the Water
46:1 Be a Child Again!
46:1-3 Where Is My Help?
46:10 What/Who Is God to You?
47:6-7 Sing with Understanding
50:15 Call Upon God
55:22 Cast Your Burdens on God
60:11-12 Oh, God, Help Me!
62:6 I Shall Not Be Moved
63:1 Always Thirsty?
63:1 Thirsting for God
63:1-4 Seeking & Praising
71:3 Now THAT'S a House!
84:11-12 My Sun and Shield
86:7 Call on God
89:7 Fear God
90:2 From Everlasting to Everlasting
93:1-2 God is Still on His Throne
96:1 Sing a New Song
100:1-5 Thankfulness
100:1-5 Take God's Hand
101:3 What's in Front of Your Eyes?
103:1 Give Praise Your All
103:1 Bless the Lord
103:17-18 Your Responsibility to Your Children
104:1-3 Created With Love
104:24 The Missing Link
107:6 God is Faithful
107:31-32 Corporate Praise
118:24 This IS the Day!
119:27, 34 Ask for Understanding
119:33-34 Give Me Understanding
119:99-100 Knowing More Than a Teacher
123:2 Logic vs. Waiting
130:5 Waiting, Waiting, Waiting on God
130:5-6 Waiting Takes Work
133:1-3-2 Dwelling in Unity
139:1-2 God Knows
139:1-6 Wonderful Knowledge
141:3 Watch Your Mouth
143:8 Trust God Every Day
145:14 Who Holds You Up?
1:7 He's Coming
3:1 Dead or Alive?
3:16 Am I Lukewarm?
3:15-18 It is Time to Act!
4:11 Why Are You Here?
19:5 Praise is a Weapon
19:7-8 A Heavenly Bride
1:23 God is NOT Human
1:32 Foolishness is No Excuse
5:1-2 Tribulations
5:6-8 Massive Love
5:7-8 For Whom Would You Die?
6:13 You Are a Weapon
6:6-7 Freed from Sin? Really??
8:28 All Things Work Together for Good
8:38-39 God's Love
9:13 That Doesn't Make Sense
11:26 Staying in Context
11:33 Riches in God
11:33 O, the Depth!
12:1 Sacrifices Are Complete
12:1-2 Living Sacrifice
12:2 Get Out of the World
12:3 You Aren't So Special
12:4-6a The Body is Gifted
12:6-8 Embrace Differences
12:9 Rules for Love
12:15 Love Creates Compassion
16:17 What Causes Division?
15:15 You Have Choices
Chapters 17-21 David vs. Goliath at the Valley of Elah
25:29 Bound With God
30:6 Be Encouraged
6:7 A God of Details
22:3 In God We Must Trust
22:47 Exalted Be God!
22:50 Sharing Thankfulness
Song of Solomon
2:3-6 A Banner of Love
2:4 Pleasing God
2:13 God is Not Far Away
3:12-13 Be a Light Bulb in a Windowless Room
5:11 Togetherness
5:16-22 Do These Things
5:17 Pray Without Ceasing
3:1 Help!
1:7 No Fear
2:5 God Will Teach You
1:9 Holy Calling
1:12 He Is Able
2:9 God's Word Doesn't Change
2:14 Are Your Words Profitable?
3:16-17 The Bible is Alive
2:14 The Other Reason Jesus Died
4:6 What Power?
1:12 Lukewarm is Bad

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